Topic: What game(s) have you played that have bizarre stories?

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I already asked this on Pure Xbox, but I thought I’d ask this here too, just for fun! Basically, is there a game you have played that has a story with a setting and moments that are bizarre and out of the ordinary but entertaining from start to finish? You can mention games that aren’t on Nintendo consoles and can list more than one if you’d like

If you are going to discuss the endings or important moments of the games, I’d recommend either talking around them or using spoiler tags! Wouldn’t want to ruin some surprises for a few that come across this thread.

I did already give my pretty lengthy answer to this question on the Pure Xbox forum, so I won’t say anything here.

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Super Mario RPG: Belome EATS you?
And then turns you into a scarecrow?
What's up with that?



Marathon, the original Mac game Bungie made back in the 90's. It's a futuristic FPS, boy reading those terminal screens for the story was weird. I mean it in a good way. I only played through it once but I remember reading those terminals.

If you want to count visual novels, the Higurashi series. They're kinetic visual novels, they get creepy and bizzare as you read and progress. Glad I got into this series.

Sorry if they're not on Nintendo consoles.

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AI: The Somnium Files is completely bonkers from top to bottom. Since the story has branching paths, there's bound to be pretty drastic differences in the events as you progress, but holy cow! One minute you'll be laughing, the next crying, the next absolutely confused as to how the heck we even got here! It honestly felt pretty jarring at first, the game throws you in the deep-end the moment you press new game. But by the end, I felt a sheer hurricane of emotions spinning throughout my soul. Uncovering each bit of the bizarre murder-mystery felt so, so satisfying! Easily one of my favorite games I've played this year, and I cannot wait to play Nirvana Initiative (once I feel I'm ready.) The game is an absolute cluster- and I love it with all my heart!

Honorable mentions also go to Catherine: Full Body, as well as the Danganronpa series

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@Sunsy That’s ok! I did say that you can mention games not on Nintendo consoles

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Currently playing: Rare Replay and Perfect Dark

Playing soon: Perfect Dark Zero and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts

Current hyperfixation: Conker’s Bad Fur Day


The first katamari game. Seriously, try to explain that game’s story without making it look like you went crazy. I don’t think it can be done.



Inscryption. A coherent narrative, and actually easy to follow... but just utterly bonkers in how it weaves its 'meta' story beats into the gameplay elements (constantly subverting expectation/s, and mixing up the mechanics during each 'act')

An easy recommend for a tremendous game, go in blind though



Poinie's Poin for the PS2 is a simple, cartoony 3D platformer from the early 2000s, but it has some of the most nonsensical and unhinged writing I've ever seen in a video game and it's absolutely wonderful. There's trippy and colorful environments that just ooze that Y2K aesthetic, wild tonal shifts, a side character that sounds like Eric Cartman from South Park, a poorly sung theme song, a protagonist who quotes MC Hammer, and so many out of pocket quotes that have lived in my brain rent-free since I played it. The craziest part is that it only released in Japan, but came with a fully voice-acted English dub.

It is a legitimately fun puzzle platformer though with a lot of charm and sincerity in how weird it is. Highly recommend looking into it if you're into really quirky 3D platformers or that specific hypersaturated visual style that was huge in the early 2000s.



I'd say Kirby: Squeak Squad. Kirby beats the shark outta everyone all because of a slice of cake...

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Trio the Punch completely hatstand

Killer is Dead all Grasshopper Manufacture are surreal such as a boss who’s a fat American dressed as Elvis shouting “I love you Juliette almost as much as I love Cheeseburgers. Or a talking gun that grows bigger (powers up) when you ring sex lines) but Killer is Dead is far stranger

Psychic Detective an FMV game where you take over peoples bodies

There’s nothing on the telly except a nice vase


Sanitarium - a point and click adventure game that has psychological horror atmosphere. You move from one environment to another. From decrepit asylum to bug-alien station in orbit, ancient Aztec village, a town with misshapen children and haunted house formed of memories.

In one of the chapters you have to dig up a dead kid from its grave because you had to find ALL kids in a Hide and Seek game

You can play as a living stone statue warrior, a little girl, a cyclops with 4 arms or a man with bandaged head.

The themes in the game are quite interesting as well. Mistreatment, abuse, personal loss, medical ethics.

One of my favorite games ever made!

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