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Been listening to DJ Takataka, a new and very underrated electronic artist. Sounds extremely good for someone with under 1000 streams on Spotify. Reminds me of Aphex Twin.



Been listening to a bunch of obscure 80s mixtapes on youtube. A lot of great stuff I've never heard before, such as this track,



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I have more than one, but I’ll narrow it down to four if I’m allowed to;

Before I was born - MARETU ft. Hatsune Miku

It’s a Vocaloid song with chiptune music, and I love the emotion put into the singing and the video game influences in the music and visuals. However, it’s existential despite being vague, though the producer has other songs with topics far more inappropriate than this one. There are two other songs by him that I like; I would have replaced the track here with one of those, but given that they have themes that could be considered disturbing and dark, I didn’t put them here. I can handle the material, but one track he released recently actually creeped me out with how graphic the English translation was… He is going to release a new song soon, and judging by how somewhat vulgar the video thumbnail looks, I wouldn’t be surprised if it has dark or negative lyrics.

Knead that Fried Chicken, Shake that Fried Chicken - Nunu ft. Zundamon, Hatsune Miku, Kaai Yuki, Kurita Maron, and KAFU

Another Vocaloid song, it’s based on a debate in Japan, which is “what sauce goes with fried chicken?” In it, a man and woman (both played by the green hair girl) believe mayonnaise is the best sauce for fried chicken, but they take things far by taking four people hostage and using a “toy” gun on them if they answer a sauce that isn’t mayo. It’s stupid but in a good and hilarious way, and the song is well done despite being comedic and an extreme take on a harmless debate. There was an English subbed version, but it got taken down.

Windy and Co. - Robin Beanland

This is originally from the video game Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Bad Fur Day’s OST is great in my opinion and I like how it could fit into a cartoon, but I prefer the remake’s OST for the improved sounds, extension of looping songs, and higher quality. I believe the remake’s version of Windy and Co. uses actual instruments in the song compared to the original. Robin Beanland is probably the most underrated composer at Rare in my opinion, and I wish he got some more recognition!

Medicine - Sasuke Haraguchi ft. Kasane Teto

This song was pretty popular in Japan, but I liked it a ton! It’s short and pretty vague, but its catchy, and I absolutely loved the colors and minimalistic look of the music video.

I only put in the link to one song, since I’m afraid using a bunch is going to slow the site down for mobile users.

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