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@Anti-Matter waoh, that’s pretty dope.

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What is the song at the end of this vid called? It starts at 7:18.

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Back again, and I have a few more new songs I’m listening to!

Last day - MARETU ft. Hatsune Miku

I really like the way the song sounds paired with the vocals, but I think the song maybe has something to do with a broken romance between a man and woman from what most interpretations of the song say? I don’t know since the guy who made this song likes to use a lot of metaphors and is vague with the subject matter of so many of his songs, and it’s extremely hard to analyze them and figure out what is going on in them. However, I haven’t listened to it today as I am trying to make an effort to listen to less depressing and sad songs, since I think those also have an affect on my mood.

Pink - MARETU ft. Hatsune Miku

It was the first song I listened to from this artist and one I repeated a bunch, though it’s very vague and a lot of interpretations have been made on the song, and the most prominent interpretation says that it’s centered on a person being desensitized or obsessed with violent media, mostly from how happy and nonchalant (and somewhat creepy) the singing sounds during the entire song. I like the way the instrumental sounds and the emotion put into the singing at parts, but I am not a fan of how violence is heavily implied in the music and the music video (which actually gave me chills and kinda freaked me out) so I am trying to take a break from listening to it because of how negative it is, like what I said with the previous song. Sometimes there are songs that I like for how they sound but then I heavily dislike what it is centered on, and Pink might be one of them.

~Pastel Night~ - FM TOWNS, DE DE MOUSE, and Sasuke Haraguchi

This was a post future funk song I learned about because one of the artists in the song, Sasuke Haraguchi, I knew beforehand because of his Vocaloid songs, which are extremely popular in Japan. I follow him online, and I came across a short snippet of the song he posted on his account and I listened to it almost immediately. The relaxed singing and instrumentals made me like it a lot, and it’s a bit unlike what I usually listen to.

Hair Swept Back By Gale-Force Winds - Yukopi ft. Kaai Yuki

This was a pretty big song last year in Japan, and I like the simplicity and silliness of it paired with the music video that goes alongside it. The flute or recorder used in the song is my favorite part of it.

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Banjo is the best! I love Rare and 90s-00s games a ton.

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I’ve been listening to Hai Yorokonde by Kocchi no Kento on repeat and it’s a bop! So catchy. I heard a few seconds of it from an Instagram account that posts daily recommendations for Japanese songs and I fell in love with it instantly. I read that the song is about being a yes-man and a people pleaser, and those are themes that a lot of songs I listen to don’t have. On top of that, it has a gorgeous animated music video with animation and visuals that replicate the appearance of various 60s-70s animes; the character designs definitely reminded me of Doraemon. On an unrelated note, everyone in the comments of the post I watched mentioned that a part of the song reminded them of the intro to Yokai Watch 😆 What a good game and anime…

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Banjo is the best! I love Rare and 90s-00s games a ton.

Currently playing: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Rare Replay and Conker: Live and Reloaded
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Not specifically what I'm listening to right now but I have had some fun this morning with my automagically generated Spotify playlists that live in my signature. Not in terms of the songs but I've added automagically generated playlist art

Basically, the Spotify API has a feature where you can ask for some "features" of a track. So what I did is pull features for as many tracks as I could from all of my recorded music listens over the last almost 20 years. Then I average out those features for each month (or week, or day). I then scale those averaged out "features" and assign red for high tempo, green for "danceable" and blue for "sad". I then paint an image for that and send it to the playlist

And now all of my automagically generated playlist have colours. Neat. Also it means you can clearly see my Sigur Ros/Slowdive/My Bloody Valentine phase in the overall playlist.....


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Some playlists: Top All Time Songs, Top Last Year
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How have I never got involved in this thread??? I'm gonna read all 100+ pages because I'm certain I'll find things i like. This is right up my strasse. I'm casually into a bit of metal, punk, reggae, drum and bass, but my first love is rap and hip hop. I'm 43, so I do like the 90s boom bap sound, but I try not to be that bitter old head who endlessly bangs on about the 90s and rubbishes anything new. I can't stand when someone says hip hop is dead and they've bought nothing since Dre 2001. There's still amazing stuff coming out all the time, you just gotta go searching now, not much I like just falls into my lap.

My top artists I have on regular rotation are...
J-Live, Masta Ace, Marco Polo, Casual, Edan, Dooley-O, Damu the Fudgemunk, Marlowe, MF DOOM, The Good People, The Legion, Blahzay Blahzay, Real Live, Czarface, Add-2, Oddisee, Paten Locke, Dr Syntax, Pete Cannon, Skyzoo, Kota the Friend, Statik Selektah, Freddie Gibbs, UGK, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Percee P, Lord Finesse, K-Solo, DJ Mitsu, The Beatnuts.....

There's hundreds more, those are just immediate favourites. If anyone else is on my kind of thing, any recommendations are always welcome. Thanks in advance lovely people 😘

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Still listening to a lot of Metallica after seeing them live in Copenhagen a few weeks ago. Also a bit of Portishead and Mogwai



The original and a pretty good sample.

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a lot of Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess by Chappell Roan and Patrick Wolf and some of brat by charli xcx.

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