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Round 2! Rate these older video game consoles from best to worst:

Sega Saturn
Nintendo 64
Virtual Boy (lol jk)



PS1 > DC = Xbox > Saturn > GC > N64 > GBA > GB = GBC

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Outside of the first 2 which are easily my favorite systems of all time, this one's a lot harder for me.

1. Nintendo 64
2. GBA
3. GBC/GB (tie)
4. Gamecube
5. Xbox
6. Dreamcast
7. PS1
8. Sega Saturn

I feel bad for putting PS1 and Saturn so low since I think they're still good.

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Don’t think I’ve ever even seen a Dreamcast or GameCube in the wild. Neither was a big seller in the UK - at least, not in my circles.

PS1 - terrible 3D, seminal games. Arguably the best single-player library. Squaresoft’s output alone was almost enough to move this to #1.
N64 - really close call with the PS1, but the lack of RPGs means I couldn’t put it top, even though Ocarina of Time is the best game of the Nineties. Maybe the Noughties too. If I’m having friends over, though, the N64 goes to #1, with a bullet (or a red shell)
GBA - just a lovely machine. The acme of handheld 2D gaming
Sega Saturn - limited experience with it, but really liked what I saw
Xbox - the epitome of meh for home consoles. Did everything well, but had so little personality
GBC - cool machine, but never craved one
GB - I was a Game Gear kid. I’m staying loyal (even though GB’s software support blows Sega’s out of the water)

Not rated: GameCube and Dreamcast

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How are you grouping these? I find it hard to rate them in seemingly random groupings. Like Xbox VS PSone is weird. Or Dreamcast VS Game Boy. How do you even compare these to rate them? They are years apart and different types of systems.



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