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Pretty much every Assassin's Creed game except for the first three. I've played them all. Every Far Cry game except for 3, Blood Dragon, and Primal. Every Call of Duty game outside of Modern Warfare 2019, and the first Modern Warfare (who can forget the Pripyat level?) campaign was really good. There are A LOT of indie games I've played over the years that are pretty forgettable. Over the 25+ years of gaming I'd have to sit and really think it through, but those are the recent ones that stand out.


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@Varkster I agree. After spending 80 hours in the remasterd trilogy ME3 was way better than I remembered and I thought the endings were fine. I just don't like how easy ME3 was compared to the other two. It really felt refined and like BioWare took everything and made a "best-of" game. I think, and just like EVERYTHING in gaming that gets a lot of negative attention, people hated on ME3 because of the hate over the endings rather than the game itself and then no one remembers the game other than the hate so they automatically default to ME2 as "the best ME game" because it didn't get any hate. It's super dumb and I get so tired of this crap as it still happens to this day.

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@ivory_soul Honestly if not for the driving sections being sub-par, the exploration feeling as empty and boring as it is and if they fixed or spread out some sections of the game that drag a little too long (especially the beginning at the Citadel), Mass Effect 1 would have by far been the absolute best in the series.

It introduced a crazy amount of content and lore; replaying the trilogy through Legendary Edition really opened my eyes how many things are memorable in ME1 and 3 as opposed to 2.

But hey, if people see something in 2 that I don't then all the power to them.

And yeah, unfortunately we live in a world where people will overlook a game's good qualities if there is one controversial thing that sticks out. Paper Mario Origami King suffered from this, since it's a great game with a clever story and some genuinely amazing writing (including some emotional moments) but everybody jumped the gun and bombed it since it wasn't what everybody wanted.



@Varkster It seems the opposite is happening with Metroid Dread. It's not Super Metroid 2? IT SUCKS! That's what I'm seeing. People just don't like change and series HAVE to evolve for them to stay relevant and fresh. ME Andromeda was a CHORE to play through. I put 40 hours into it and it was installed on my PC since launch and it took me until a few months ago to finally push through it. There's just so much there I didn't care about. ME2 was a breath of fresh air after I played that game.


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@ivory_soul Oh boy, why did you torture yourself with Andromeda? I'm here criticising the story in ME2, Andromeda is 10x worse...



I'd have to say Bravely Default II. Not that it was a bad game by any means, but most of it just seemed like filler in a way, with the only good part being at the end.. and even then, the ending wasn't exactly the best either. The fourth wall break in particular, which was just a bit disappointing compared to how it was in the other 2 Bravely games. The only thing I genuinely remember about this game is the final boss and the final boss music.

I would also say something about Kirby Star Allies, but I can't forget that game, even if I wanted to. It kind of.. was the first game I ever had felt ripped off by.

Toree 3D is also somewhat forgettable, given that it's a really short 3D platformer, but I guess I can't really complain all that much, seeing as how the game was a dollar.

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Stardew Valley. Don’t hate me, but I bought even though I don’t like farm games. “It’s like Minecraft”, they said. Well, I should have trusted my gut on it.

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Sticker Star - Even excluding the fact that its a garbage Paper Mario game even if it was just standalone its one of the most average games I ever played.

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Ratchet and Clank on PS5.

I swear, I was bored to tears playing this game for the entire 45 minutes I played it, before finally quitting and deciding never to touch it again. Got it "on sale" for $50 and already regret it. No idea how this game was nominated for GotY. It's the most boring, unremarkable game I've played in a long time. Nothing about it was fun. Movement wasn't fun. Shooting wasn't fun. Exploring wasn't fun. It felt so generic and by the books. I'd played the previous one on PS4, and it was equally unimpressive, but it had been so long I'd forgotten why I never played it more. Now I remember.

I'm sorry to any Ratchet fans, I don't mean to offend. But I'm genuinely impressed at how boring this game is and downright baffled it managed to review well and get so much praise. It's just not fun to play. Idk if it's because I'm spoiled by Mario so all other 3D platformers fail to impress? No. Because even Super Lucky's Tale felt more fun with movement than this game did.

3D platformers must feel fun to simply move around in. Because that's what you're doing the entire game. When movement feels bland and generic, it doesn't matter how impressive the scope is or how good the graphics are. Everything hinges on addictive, fun movement and gameplay.

Also, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on Switch.

I know some ppl love this game (Gamer83, hope he's not reading this). But it just didn't do it for me. I can't say it was entirely unmemorable, but it was pretty mediocre imo. It just wasn't fun to play. Too limiting. Not enough depth, I think. I just remember putting the game down and saying, "I can't".

Maybe one day I'll give it another go. But Idk. So many other games I love, it's hard to justify the time.

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God of War 4 was the game that I will never forget. Really awesome and cool effects and unexpected scenarios on this game.

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Fighting Force

Originally it was planned to be Streets of Rage 4, but Sega decided against that idea.

It's a rare occurrence, Sega making good decisions, but in this case Sega chose correctly.

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