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M.A.S.K theme tune is really cartchy. Also, cartoons from the 80's were way more action packed compared to the stuff on tv nowadays.

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Great thread. I'll be showing my age here but these are my most memorable.

Raggy Dolls - not the best of cartoons but it has probably the best theme tune ever.

Trapdoor - loved this.

Danger Mouse - voiced by the one and only David Jason aka Del Boy


The Family Ness


Dungeons & Dragons

and my favourite early 80's cartoon, He-man and the Masters of the Universe. I had loads of He Man figures, I can still remember the day I got Ram Man and was playing with him in the Co-op while my mum was shopping. He had spring action legs, I thought it was amazing.


I can also remember my gran giving me Skeletor. I was only 5 and had just spent 2 weeks in hospital,I was lucky to even be alive. I can still vividly remember her handing me it just as I left the hospital bed to go home. 35 years ago now.

Thundercats was also a favourite but that's already been posted.

Going even further back to my earliest memories of kids shows,from playschool and nursery days.

Postman Pat

The Flumps


Pigeon Street

Button Moon

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Respect to @OorWullie for referencing one of my favourite shows in the Eighties, Dungeons and Dragons. It had a really bleak feel, like you thought the kids would never make it home.

Also was a big fan of Batman: The Animated Series, with Danny Elfman's music, and Gargoyles, which I reckon still holds up fairly well today - at least, the first half does.

Here's one I've not seen mentioned yet - I thought this was amazing back in the early Nineties, but it vanished into a whirlpool.

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Never posted videos before, not sure if that worked.

Edit: That definitely didn't work xD

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Here are my favourites! All of these are very well known. Some intro's are from recent cartoons, I'm a cartoon enthousiast old and new. For now I'm limiting myself to 5 intro's, I don't want to clock this thread.

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@OorWullie You have a few of my picks there, so I probably don't want to repeat any videos, but I have fond memories of some of those - namely, Family Ness and Raggy Dolls.

But above all, my favourite show when I was young was Dogtanian. My mum would always tell me when it came on, and I think, as young as I was, I probably fancied Juliette.

@HobbitGamer shared Bucky O'Hare too, which was another of my faves.

So here's a few more of my favourites:
The Raccoons - the end sequence with the music number (run with us) was particularly memorable too.

Penny Crayon - same creator as Family Ness.
Galaxy High - something I've just learned, like many other videos you've seen in this thread, a Western/Japanese co-production.
Fireman Sam - a stopmotion animation, and not technically a "cartoon", but Britain was really big on stopmotion during this period, and it's opening is very parochial. I love the theme song.
Around the World with Willy Fog - memorable to me, much like Dogtanian (same Spanish/Japanese production too)

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You've done a pretty good job at posting most of the ones I would bother to mention, but as I don't see any of you have posted the following, I have to wonder what you guys have been doing with your lives

This last one wasn't a cartoon I guess, and while I remember it, I think I was a bit young to actually feel like it was part of my childhood, but the theme tune has a unique nostalgic power over me:

And this has a special place in my heart:

And I actually have the first series of this last one on my phone, ready to whip out at a moment's notice:

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@gcunit Haha, well.. it's titled "best" themes from our childhood, not all of them. Though I did notice one important missing theme!

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I watched many cartoons when I was younger, but I didn't always see the last episode so I'm still catching up...
But anyway here were some of my favourites from my childhood -

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Ulysses 31 (Amazing concept for a show, but the theme song always makes me cringe But the whole series is available on YouTube!)

And of course He Man, Dungeons and Dragons, Thundercats, Pokémon and many others were other favourites, but most of them have already been mentioned

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Krull wrote:

Respect to @OorWullie for referencing one of my favourite shows in the Eighties, Dungeons and Dragons. It had a really bleak feel, like you thought the kids would never make it home.

They didn't

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Superted is another one I have fond memories of.



I almost posted Avatar: The Last Airbender before, but I figured that last post of mine contained enough videos for the time being. XD But HOW did I forget about X-Men? I liked the show, and some purists will hate me for this, but X-Men: Evolution also has a special place in my heart:

In further reference to 90's shows and the current time of year, there was also this (though I haven't seen a lot of the episodes until recently as I didn't have normal access to it):

My main PBS show, which I will still admittedly watch once in a blue moon ( ):

Another PBS show that I'm sure most of us have watched:

One of the oodles of Saturday morning Disney shows I would watch:

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My Pet Monster is another one.



Still count as my youth, just my slightly older youth. First one is a great song about a 4-ply diaper with great use of the line "I don't know another word... that's so specific!"

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