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I've seen a lot of negativity in regards to Smash Bros in the Community in general. Whether it be hero's inclusion or too many anime sword fighters.

However, I would like to take a moment and say all of the amazing things about Smash Bros.

1. Expansive Cross Over franchise. You'll never see a game with Snake, Mario, Pacman, Sonic, Ritcher, Bayonetta, Cloud, Ryu, Megaman, Banjo, Hero, and Joker.

2. The stages are incredible, even if I only play on final destination and battlefield. I am in awe of the detail put into each stage design. I mean magicant and Fountain of Dreams are mesmerizing!

3. Every character is true and loyal to the fans depiction/original design of the character. I mean look how street fighter x Tekken managed to mess that up.

Overall, Smash is such an awe inspiring game and I feel like there's a ton of negativity. However, I wanted to make a thread to gush and hopefully others share their opinions as well



4-> Kirby is in it.

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