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I'm putting up my predictions for 2018, and inviting the community to do the same. Here we go...

  • I expect Nintendo to catch up a little with the Switch. Netflix and YouTube apps. Online service clarified. Virtual Console or lack thereof clarified. Probably first half of the year for this, announced in a January Direct.
  • The Switch sales keep a good pace and outsells the GameCube lifetime figures in the second year.
  • Better stock for NES Classic this year, and more for SNES Classic before year's end.
  • Kirby for Switch in March, and Yoshi for Switch a month or two after.
  • 3DS gets a few downloads, that's about it.
  • More information about Pokemon and Metroid at E3, but no release this year. Same for Bayonetta 3, but earlier release. Wonderful 101 comes back in some way. The big E3 announcement will be Super Smash Bros. Switch. It will borrow a lot from Wii U but will add something to distinguish itself as more than a deluxe edition. Holiday release.
  • Retro Studios game will be announced and showcased at E3. It won't be Metroid or Donkey Kong, but a new IP. To release Summer 2018.
  • In general, not as many big names from Nintendo compared to 2017. Smaller projects and new IPs, mostly.
  • Third party support improves, especially from Capcom and Namco. Their franchises have game announcements, but not a lot for release until late 2018 onward because they're still catching up. EA continues to hold out, so no Madden or updated FIFA. Take Two keeps going with sports. Bethesda announces new games, but maybe Fallout 3, followed by 4. Dishonored comes along, too. GTA 5 is never announced due to the humongous download required. The large downloads that go along with physical games continues. Blizzard announces Hearthstone.
  • Indies continue to flourish, with more physical releases.
  • Playtonic announces crowdfunding for a new project, Yooka-Laylee 2! And it's a promised timed exclusive for Nintendo Switch!!!

Looking forward to everybody's predictions!



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