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Pokemon collectors often run out of PC box space. As an alternative to Pokémon Bank, which requires yearly purchase, should players be able to buy more PC boxes with Poké (aka Pokédollars, Pokéyen). I think they should range from 500,000 Poké to 1,000,000 Poké. Or, pay to increase the size of existing boxes (for those who organize by level, type, etc) to avoid re-doing box ststems. ~10,000 Poké for one full row per box



Nobody wants to have to manually trade 800 pokemon every time you get a new game. And I don't think many people actually run out of space in their pokemon games.

That's why people pay for pokebank. Because it's faster and easier.


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@Morpheel Yeah, And Pokebank, so long as Game Freak lives up to their promises, should be a consistent method of carrying your collection with you to future titles, instead of all the old game specific methods they did in the past. That's the real appeal of Bank for me.

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