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@Anti-Matter You’ve got a PSP now? Great choice! It’s a lovely machine, and there are plenty of games in genres you like. Highly recommend the Trails in the Sky series for fans of traditional old-school JRPGs.

As for 2019, I agree with the OP that Nintendo has maybe not got the credit it deserved for last year. It was no 2017, but it was a massive improvement on 2018 which, apart from Smash, really relied on an amazing tidal wave of indies and the odd third-party to save it. I thoroughly enjoyed my 2018 on Switch, but largely not thanks to Nintendo.

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My PSP 3000 was unique. 😉
I got used condition with two different color schemes.
Light Blue for front plate, Cobalt Blue for backside.
My PSP caught a dust for almost 1 year due to not ready yet i bought PSP games on 2019 since i was focusing on NDS, Switch & PS4 games during 2019.
My first PSP games was on 1 January 2020.
I opened the year 2020 with Secret Agent Clank and it was the cheapest original games i have ever bought.
The game was still in Brand New and did you know the price ?
Just only Rp 70,000 or US$ 5.02 for a Brand New game. 😆

I tried to hunt some used PSP games from my local online shopping website called Tokopedia and i found 1 PSP game (CIB) with just US$ 2.15 ! 😮😀

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2. Para Para Paradise
3. DrumMania
4. Beatmania IIDX
5. Pop'n Music
6. KeyboardMania
7. Martial Beat

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Go outside. Date someone or whatever, no one should waste their time caring that people didn't like a giant video game company enough.

But beyond the absurd tryhard defending of giant company, I will say in terms of reasonable discussions for actual adults, I do feel Nintendo is as per usual, kinda outside some parts of the gaming world. Maybe because entertainment is often so fragmented so even the most popular things can be ignored if you aren't already party of it. And while Nintendo has released plenty of popular well liked games this year, the reality is that Mario Kart and Pokemon are bigger deals than nearly anything else they release. And guess what the two most criticized Nintendo games this year were? Those get attention that Fire Emblem at its most relevant could only dream of. I'm pretty sure barring Mario Maker and Luigi's Mansion, Pokemon Sword and Shield will outsell the entire rest of Nintendo's 2019 games combined (if it hasn't already), and Mario Kart Tour I'm sure got an absolute stupid amount of downloads.

And honestly as a fan, even if it bothers me a bit at points, I do feel the main points of criticism for Nintendo are completely welcome. Why would I want Nintendo to do things I don't like? And Nintendo has shown that it can absolutely be the best video game company, and often is quite frankly, so it is more disappointing when Nintendo does something wrong than when like Activision does (even if there's a world of difference between the two that obviously makes Nintendo way better). Now if people started saying Nintendo was as bad as Activision, that'd be something worth be offended over.

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It perplexes me that you think that even Arlo is too negative. He is generally very positive, but Nintendo has flaws, and someone who is reasonable can't just ignore those. Even when Arlo is giving criticisms, he most certainly does it in a very respectful manner.

In general, I really don't know what more you want. The Switch is doing very well, and the system is actually overhyped, TBH. If you want a time where Nintendo is overwhelmingly seen in a positive light, you've got that right now.


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Even if you consider the switch powerful enough (that is something subjective to me). I don't know how anyone can defend shipping a pro controller without a Mic input, NSO which lags, doesn't have messaging, friend invites, or voice chat, and the infamous switch tax on both physical and digital games. I love Nintendo but these are all objectively bad things.



@BlackKnight93 I totally agree that Nintendo had an amazing year this year, and have had amazing years nonstop since the Switch launched!

But welcome to the internet where negativity is rewarded. I've spent a lot of time looking at this and comparing systems like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and many others with user interactivity. Negative, argument starting comments, provocative articles, divisive issues and the like are the things that generate attention.

Look at how YouTube works. The dislike button does nothing meaningful. Someone leaves a rude comment, someone sees it and replies, they reply to it and the two start arguing, all the replies draw more people into the debate. But everyone who agrees with the rude comment thumbs it up giving it a bunch of likes, but the detractors' counter downvotes do nothing and their replies further push that divisive comment up. Then that comment being high on the list skews the direction of the other comments often.

Look at NintendoLife's comment section. If someone in the first couple comments says something real divisive intentionally or accidentally the entire comment section often becomes one massive argument.

It all generates clicks, ad revenue, and attention. On purpose or otherwise most websites these days dig for that by any means they can.

But on the reverse, how often do you see a positive comment saying something like "I love this game, it's amazing and I play it all the time!" Get tons of likes and replies? MAYBE it gets a sizable amount of likes, but rarely more than a few small replies. And a positive article rarely gets as many views and as much attention as one that has people fighting like mad dogs in the comment section.

"Social media" in 2019/2020 is designed to push this kind of thing. That's just how it has evolved.

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@sixrings While you have some valid points, not everything you say is true and certainly not "objectively bad".

First off, if the lag issues were with NSO, then it would be a problem that everyone experienced. That there are not literally thousands of people all over the internet constantly enraged by lag issues makes it clear that it is not universal. The problem all but certainly lies with various ISPs and router set ups.

The "infamous Switch tax" is not an objectively bad thing in the slightest. It's a perfectly reasonable thing for a company to do. The Switch is too small to be a disk based system and using a standard medium like SD cards would just be inviting piracy in the extreme. Thus their own game card was needed, and as a product specific device of course that's going to cost somewhat more. Nintendo's rule on physical and digital games having to cost the same is helping protect the physical market which is good for both consumers who prefer physical, and companies who would likely stop releasing physical games because having them be cheaper on the eshop would hasten the decline of physical releases.

While I personally agree that I too want messaging and simple friend invites, there are problems with those systems that I understand Nintendo wanting to avoid. Simple fact is that people do bad things, and there are all kinds of problems with cyber bullying and even criminal activity taking place on messaging systems like that. I don't agree with their solution, but I very much understand their fear of those problems.

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BlackKnight93 wrote:

Am I the only who feels this way? Do you think Nintendo had a great year? Or do you think I'm overrating it too much and I'm the one in the wrong here? I don't even know myself...

From a perspective of quantity, 2019 was the Switch's best year to date. Although Switch owners didn't get GotY candidates like Breath of the Wild or Mario Odyssey, 2019 was stacked with more great games across many different genres. 2019 was so amazing that I'm worried 2020 will be another 2018 for Switch. One amazing game (Animal Crossing) and a whole lot of ports to fill out the year.

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@Magician Personally, I wouldn't mind that - I had no issues with 2018's selection. But it wouldn't be a good idea for Nintendo with PS5 and Xbox Series Cube coming up. I think they really need this year to be strong so they have momentum when new rivals drop and divert almost everyone's attention.

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link3710 wrote:

And this is when you know that you've spent too long on the internet. Does it really matter what anyone else thinks about this matter? If you enjoyed it, then you enjoyed it. If someone else didn't, then they didn't.

This. It sounds like you are a little bit too entrenched in this topic.

@BlackKnight93 I don't know if this is the case for you, but if it is, know that I speak from the heart, because I've been through it. Don't look for arguments, validation of your ideas, or social interaction through gaming forums, it's a very dark road that sucks you in. Don't make your purpose or fulfillment in life a gaming corporation. There was a time when I quite literally would type out replies on GameFAQs while driving, and check it multiple times per day at work.

Look for new hobbies, and as hard as it may or may not be, try to find opportunities to meet real people with similar interests. It's a lot healthier than getting sucked in by the internet gaming discussion machine.

And if none of what I said applies to you, and I made a big mistake and you only come to forums for like 30 minutes per day, disregard what I said. My only intent is to help.

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@BlackKnight93 Nintendo had a very good July-November last year, in my opinion at least.

Those guys you are talking to are just part of this silly fanboy “diss” culture that’s become widespread in the gaming community. It’s just leftover “choose a side” nonsense from the console wars. Don’t engage in those sort of dialogues.

If you want to debate them on the quality of the games, then do so but I doubt they played them anyway.

So basically don’t waste your time.



This is a funny thread.
Thank you all.


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