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Hi all,

Out of curiosity, did the majoirty of new Nes or Snes games back in the day come shrink wrapped when bought new or not?

Seem's there's a lot of legit boxed ones out there that are labeled or look new but I've been told some of them have been shrinked wrapped themselves to try and increase the value of the item.

Can anyone confirm if they did factory sealed or not, EU/Pal/Nstc versions too.
Many thanks

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@MegaTen thank you for the info. I was just curious as I saw this item on ebay which the last one has been sold by the time I started this thread.

I asked the seller if the item was sealed/wrapped since he stated it 'brand new' and he replied that most Nes n Snes games did not come sealed/wrapped so I was not so sure if this item was legit or not.

If you have time here is a link to the now sold item.

Thanks once again

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