Topic: "Metroid vs The Legend Of Zelda; Which is the better Game series?"

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Btw, did you play Metroid Prime Federation Force 3DS ?
That was the only Metroid game i played despite a lot of peoples really hate Federation Force.
Federation Force was somehow look interesting a little bit and very different from my point of view since i have interest with Chibi mecha and Chibi looking pilot as well and the game was like Armored Core but with 1st person view.

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@Anti-Matter I never played it as it got bad reviews, if I remember rightly.



@Zeldafan79 I always liked futuristic settings too, even back when I was younger. It's part of the reason why I like stuff like Metroid, F-Zero, and Mega Man. I do like fantasy settings as well, though.

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Not every Zelda game I have played has clicked with me yet as I've only beaten five Zelda games: Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, Ocarina of Time 3D, A Link Between Worlds and Breath of the Wild. All five have been great games. With Metroid, I've beaten all Metroid games and I consider a majority of them to be great games. Metroid ultimately though has both Metroid Prime Hunters and Metroid Prime: Federation Force, both of which I have gotten more enjoyment out of than the Zelda games I've beaten. Metroid Prime Hunters itself is significantly farther ahead of those five Zelda games. I would have to go with Metroid as the better series if only because of how special those two games have been.

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This is a really tough question. Metroid's more my style of the two, but I also really enjoy Zelda. I'm a little tempted to say Metroid, though I need to play the Prime games before I can say for sure.

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I prefer Zelda!

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It'd definitely be Zelda for me, but Metroid is a series worth playing

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