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I received some points to spend at a online prize store for work and want some help picking out some Nintendo games. Please help!

I get 500 points to spend and here are the games available I don't own:

298 - Xenoblade Chronicles X
289 - Just Dance for Switch
218 - Mario Tennis Ultra Smash
130 - Wind Waker Wii U
216 - Chibi-Robo! Amiibo + game
216 - Zelda Tri-Force Heroes
129 - Happy Home Designer
218 - Super Smash Bros 3DS

As you can see I can get one high point game and one low point game, or two medium point games, or two low point games and one medium point game.

Help me!




Xenoblade X & Wind Waker U


Nintendo Network ID: FGPackers


Thanks for the advice! I ended up choosing Smash Bros 3ds, Happy Home, and Wind Waker (from your suggestion). My daughter begged me to get the Animal Crossing game and I had been wanting Smash on 3ds. I saw Xenoblade is going clearance at Best Buy so I will pick that up at a store on a good deal.



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