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I finished The Unfinished Swan(ironic)



Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (On Normal)
Sonic Lost World (Not 100% but got to the end).
NSMBU (100%)
All Stars Racing Transformed - Steam (Triple Star License. I did the World tour and the Cups ages ago but not the beating the staff ghosts).
Warioware INC (All except going through the grid to unlock the last mini game - I have done it before on the Gamecube and I don't think I can be bothered).
Arkham Asylum (I was on the last boss and just left it for ages).
Mario Kart 8 (Not done the staff ghosts but I don't even like the game).

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Took me ages of procrastination, but I finished off Alice: Madness Returns. Great game. Also, recently bought and completed Alan Wake, equally awesome game.


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Just finished up Picross e (3DS eShop)!

I've been working on it for almost a year (got it in either August or September of last year), and it was something nice to go back to occasionally and work through a few puzzles. It's good for working out the brain, and even for someone like me who isn't much into puzzlers, I really enjoyed it. A definite recommend.

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I just finish playing Tales of Symphonia for the PS3. Overall, great game!



Beat Batman Arkham Origins on WiiU couple weeks ago. Playing through Resident Evil Revelations and Shovel Knight now!

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Mario Kart 8
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Heavy Rain

All completed.

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Shovel Knight for both Wii U and 3DS. New favorite for sure



I have unlocked & completed all the tracks in Urban Trials Freestyle, so I guess I can consider it beat (I've yet to 5 Star everything, and I have a few clothing items left to unlock, but I'd liken that more to 100% completion).

While not in my usual interest zone, I grabbed it because it was on sale, and it was worth it (don't know if I'd pay full price for it though).

It has 25 levels in total, split into 6 groups. You have "Downtown", "Outskirts", "Industrial", "Underground", and another area that each feature 4 tracks of increasing difficulty, and can be played in 2 modes (Stunt in which your score derives from how good your tricks are, and Time Trial which scores you on your completion time). Then you have "Challenge" which features five unique stages that each have a unique hook.

It does look really nice for a download only title that's only a little over 600 blocks, though I've noticed some pop in (it's only in the background though, so it doesn't affect gameplay).

As for the gameplay, it was fun and definitely worth a look if you're into this sort of thing, though rare, it can sometimes be hard discerning what is and isn't the environment (due to all the junk in the background & foreground), and I've noticed some glitches (mostly humorous stuff like your rider getting stuck in odd places after a crash, which were probably left in intentionally), but even some scoring glitches (after a trick jump of a mere 10ft, it gave me the world record, even though the previous score was much higher...). As for the unique "Challenge" levels, I won't spoil them for you, but I'll say the first one is ill concieved and infuriatingly terrible, but the other 4 are fun twists on the usual gameplay.

Overall, it's worth it at the $1.99 sale price, but maybe not at full price.

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. After putting it off since I first got it on release day. I was, and still am, ashamed of myself for putting it off for so logn.


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Shovel Knight. I always expected the game to turn out just fine, but I was genuinely surprised at just how good it was.


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Shovel Knight: I really enjoyed this game, it takes the best of retro games and adds a minor flare (like saving) and you have a really good game! My playthrough was about 8 hours and I would recommend this game to retro fans, though the difficulty is inconsistent.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Soul Hacker - I got this game in early December for $10 and really enjoyed it but man could it get tedious. Everything feels the same, thats not necesarily a bad game but I couldnt play it for weeks upon weeks. So finally after 45 hours of playtime I slayed the demons and beat the game. Take that Phantom Society!



I finished Kirby Triple Deluxe yesterday, at least the main story.

I liked it, though I wish that it was longer. Of course, to make up for it, they have Kirby Fighters, The Arena, that King Dedede drum game, and you can replay the game as King Dedede.

If I was to complain about anything else though, it would be that having to continuously fight bosses back to back at the end of the game was tedious, and I wish there was a break for platforming. Other than that, I had a lot of fun playing it.

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I finished the Wonderful 101 a while ago and it was wonderful.

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Infamous Second Son hero path. It was really fun!

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Falchion wrote:

Shovel Knight: I really enjoyed this game, it takes the best of retro games and adds a minor flare (like saving) and you have a really good game! My playthrough was about 8 hours and I would recommend this game to retro fans, though the difficulty is inconsistent.

Mine was 16 hours A brilliant game.

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Plants vs. Zombies, the original!
It was a little while ago that I completed the adventure mode, but now I've been hunting for the achievements, and I only have to encounter the Yeti, then it's 100% complete!

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I recently beat Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. I previously gave up on it due to constantly getting lost because of how the map looks when you don't have an area's map, but I got a slightly better understanding of it and managed to find and beat the bosses. Maybe I can 100% the game soon if I try hard enough.

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