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I beat Child of Light yesterday. Ohhh boy. I can't express how much I love the game. I'm going to restart it and play it again soon in a while.

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@WaveBoy Coincidental topic! I recently beat The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey and Minnie (AKA Magical Quest 2) with my brother. I was, um, not really impressed. It was fine, but the more diverting Mickey Mania was sitting right next to my Genesis. Were I an even younger tyke, I'm sure it would have held my interest better, much like Walt Disney World Quest Magical Racing Tour, which I haven't played in a long time.

It kind of sounds like I'd have the same bland experience with Castle of Illusion as I did with The Great Circus Mystery. (Not very interesting or challenging compared to the dozens of other platformers released during the 16-bit era.) Am I right, anyone, or should I still look into this game?


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I beat Mass Effect last night. I enjoyed the characters, plot and world-building so much that I'll definitely play through it again someday, though next time I'll gladly avoid most of the crates/weapons lockers/etc. and a large chunk of the sidequests.

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My brother and I beat all the Grand Prixes in Mario Kart 8. But as always in Mario Kart, I'm nowhere near done this game.
I beat it with Morton by the way.
I also beat Crashmo. While the gameplay is tough and hard to understand every technique near the beginning, once you get it, the game gets alot easier. Although, it's not as fun as Pushmo.

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Im about to beat mario kart

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the most recent game beating I did was ALBW and man talk about a short and sweet game. it was only litttle over 20 hours playing but it felt like 40 full hours of fun, they should make something more of the shadow link fights in future Zelda games, it was probably the best use for streetpass in a single player game!

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After owning it for years I decided to finally play Sin & Punishment Star Successor and I sure wasn't disappointed. Though I am kicking myself for waiting so long as the leaderboards went off for good a few days later.

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Finished Mass Effect 2 this morning. Aside from a couple of minor issues, it maintained just about all of the things I liked about ME1, and either cut-out or improved everything that bugged me about the first game. I freaking loved it.

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I received the platinum trophy for PSASBR. It was incredibly boring to achieve.


I also received the platinum trophy for Sonic Generations. After encountering the 30-second trial error, I was forced to delete my friend list entirely in order to receive the final trophy. Only a small handful of my friends added me back to their list.

It was a sad and rewarding night.



I start so many games and then never go through and beat them, but I did everything in Super Mario 3D Land kinda recently, beat Donkey Kong (game boy version), and beyond that most games I've been playing recently don't have a real "end" such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Mario Kart 8 of course. Games I'm currently trying to play through in some kind of weird order are Earthbound (beat it before, really taking my time this time and over leveling and looking at like everything I can), Kirby Triple Deluxe (about halfway? through the main story, I do intend on trying to 100% it), ALBW, and I'm co-oping through Super Mario 3D World with my gf so that's taking longer than it should have since we're both so busy it's hard to find time where we both want to play. Oh and I need to go back to Wind Waker at some point.

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Just finished Heavy Rain. Most depressing game I have ever played, but it was a really good story.
When you finally realize who the Origami Killer is, you won't see it coming... but then it starts to make sense. If you ever want to play this game, DO NOT look anything up online until after you've beaten it. You'll ruin it for yourself if you do.

Will be playing it again in the future to see the different outcomes.



I just finished Skyward Sword. Spoilers incoming.

I loved the characters in the game (especially Groose <3), and I loved the initial set up with the knight academy and Loftwings, but the game fell really flat for me beyond that. Three reasons:

1) Way too much emphasis on a technology that wasn't quite there. WiiMotionPlus was in no way accurate enough for what they wanted.
2) Repetitive boss fights. I liked Ghirahim as a character, but we did essentially the same fight with 3 or 4 times. Same with the Imprisoned. Even the final battle is just the Ghirahim battle again with a different boss.
3) But by far the worse is the repetitive locales. The same areas were re-used over and over and over. Sure, a Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time did this a little, but those were at least different versions of the same area. This was just recycling the exact same areas over and over and over. This problem is greatly exacerbated by the fact that the "overworld' is both smaller and even less densely populated than Wind Waker.

While I still enjoyed the game overall, as a Zelda game, it fell far short of what I hoped for.

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Well I 100% Lego Marvel on the PS4 today.

It was actually one of the best Lego games I have played in a long time not to mention one of the best Marvel games I have played.

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I finally got around to buying Resident Evil 4. I went with the Wii Edition, since it had alot of extra content. One of my favorite games of all time now!

I'm already going through a second playthrough; gotta love those Special costumes! Leon's probably the only guy who can pull off his hairstyle, and still be a "BA."



I finished Mass Effect 3 last night. Still trying to process the ending I went with (and whether I'm satisfied with it), but I do know that I'll miss the series' cast of characters immensely. By the end of the trilogy, I was very attached to Tali, Garrus, Shepard, Wrex, Joker, EDI, Cortez and most of the ME2 squadmates.

I also beat Thomas Was Alone today, another game that managed to get me invested in its characters. Which was kind of a surprise for me, since it's essentially a short story about a bunch of jumping rectangles.

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I finally got around to beating Super Mario 3D Land and Pokemon X. I'm currently working on Tropical Freeze and the Windwaker HD.


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Earthbound. All I can really is that it was unique. It gets very frustrating at times but it isn't really so much beating it as it's the experience. It's a very fun adventure. I can see what all the hype is about even if I do think it's overrated.
I barely found out you can explore the over world with a lot of dialogue being different once you beat the game. Wish I knew that before I went through the credits. This game will stick with me for a while. I don't see myself replaying anytime soon but it was a memorable adventure.


100% the new goat simulator update! This game has gotten WAY better with this update. 1.0 was a 5.5/10, but this is easily an 8/10 now.


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