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Dear Nintendo Life community, Nintendo and all the parties involved.

Regarding my Thread: "Everything points out to Massively disappointing E3" I would like to make a following statement.

Please accept my most sincere apology for my constant doubt and dehype of the Nintendo E3 Spotlight that happened June 13th.

I was wrong. I made statements based on evidence that I had wrongly assumed to be fair and concise. I was wrong on those statements and on the discussion afterwards trying to maintain those statements.

I appreciate the community for all the discussion and for the amazing fandom that they showed through and through. I love the passion and the heart that Nintendo fans have and as a fan of their games for almost thirty years I too will strive to maintain that passion even in times like this, when I have been in err.

The thread was my idea and only mine. I take full responsibility of the mistakes and errors in the statements I wrote. I collected the things that I deemed necessary and thus the fault in this is entirely on me no matter if there were some agreements or tones of that sort in the discussion.

I will take all and every necessary measure to make sure something like this does not happen in the future. It is simply not acceptable.

As concrete steps on how to manage this I still do not have an idea but I am willing to hear any thoughts you might have on the issue.

Once again I am truly and sincerely sorry for the ill and wrongdoing caused to the community, to Nintendo and to anyone involved as well.

Nintendo did their thing and made magic happen. They showed me the worlds and adventures in which the most important thing is fun. And fun is what gaming is all about. That is a thing that one should always remember. I did not. And for that too, I am deeply sorry.

I will add some visual aids for this apology later on during this week as promised earlier and to show my earnest and most sincere regret on this issue.

Respectfully yours.



We... don't need another thread. You can post this in your Massively Disappointing E3 thread.



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