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There's a lot of epic tracks that have the ability to send a chill down your spine, a smile across your face, cause you to punch the closest person to you etc.

What's your favourite piece of music from a video game?

For me it's hard to decide on just one, the title track from Link's Awakening always seems to send a bold message that you'll be in for a hell of a ride. Simon Belmont's theme always sends a chill down my spine and seems to pump me up for that battle against Dracula. The fighting theme from Punch-Out!! Wii is one that I love for it's incredible catchiness, and is what I use for my created wrestler in Smackdown vs Raw on the PS3.

What music do you all love to listen to? Are you like me and scour the internet looking for the tracks in mp3 format so you can listen to them in your car/on your ipod?

I'd love to read everyone's comment on VGM

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Mine is the Crysta track at the beginning of Terranigma. I love that beautiful track.

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That's pretty nice, I haven't had the pleasure of playing that one yet.

Sounds like they've used the SNES sound-chip to its full capabilties for that one too


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I couldn't possibly narrow it down to just one. I have over 100 hours of VGM in my library. However, my favorite composers are Koji Kondo, Nobuo Uematsu, Kumi Matsutoya, Yasunori Mitsuda, and Grant Kirkhope. I'll post a video on here, when I'm not so "out of it"

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Come Together from The Beatles: Rock Band.

I know, I'm cheating.

My not cheating answer: Song of Storms/Windmill Hut from Ocarina of Time.

The Game.

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My all time favorite is this from Super turrican, all Turrican games had awesome music but this is my favorite track, for some of the tracks from this game I prefer the Megadrive versions which sound more elctro and are a faster tempo, but the orchestral sound from the SNES wins hands down for this track.

Also I love the music from the FFVII boss battles, always remember hearing this kick in and getting myself geared up to kick some .

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Wow, this is a good way to experience some definitely cool music for games people may not have played before, thanks guys!


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This is my favorite track from SoulBlazer:
It's got a dream-like quality to it. I'm so enamoured with this song.

Also, this is my favorite song from Arcana:
I'll always remember my first encounter with the final boss.

However, this happens to be the best song ever made, imo:
Words can't describe how mindblown and impressed I was when I heard this for the first time.

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My favorites are all from Final Fantasy and Mega Man.
BTW Stevie, the FFVII Boss music is one of my favorite themes too.

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The three songs I've posted were from games I've played.
Is it okay if we post the songs from games we haven't played as well?

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There's a lot of awesome VG Music out there. I'll just post a few for now though.

Cave Story: Moonsong

Cave Story: Geothermal

Iji: Tor

Iji: 3 Cans Later

Eversion: X-3

Metroid Prime: Phendrana Drifts

Metroid Zero Mission: Kraids Lair

Mother 3: Fate

Majora's Mask: Stone Tower Temple


This thread was posted before and some of you even posted in it.

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If that's the case, then I don't mind. I'm okay with it.

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Mother 3

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Plok: Creepy Crag

The Flintstones: Unused Track 2

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Spirit Temple

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask: Astral Observatory

Secret of Mana: Give Love Its Rightful Time

Kirby Air Ride: City Trial

Kirby 64: Shiver Star

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Chunky, if you want mp3's of VGM you can make your own with a little work, here's how I do it (in Windows here).
1. Download Winamp
2. Download the Chipamp bundle of plug-ins
3. Find the original chiptunes from various websites such as
You can look up the suffixes for chiptune formats here
4. Open Winamp, queue the songs you want in your playlist, go to options > preferences > output and select Nullsoft Disk Writer, then click configure and set the output directory. Then just play your playlist and it will rip the tracks into the default output format .wav but...
5. You can then convert it to .mp3 with a number of programs such as

It's all a pain I know, and if anyone has any quicker ways please enlighten me. Also don't forget to go into preferences and switch it off of Nullsoft disk writer if you want to use Winamp to play music again.

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oh god, my favorite track of all time?
thats pretty hard, but all in all in must say:
yes i know my decision is debatable, but from the moment i got this game, i have had that song stuck in my head.

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