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I was wondering what everybody's favorite Zelda game is. For me it has to be Skyward Sword. I love Skyward Sword because of it's immersive storyline, great graphic design, and all of the various sidequests you can immerse yourself into. What's your favorite Zelda game and why?



This is a tough question to answer because up until this year with the release of Breath of the wild I had always stated that Zelda Ocarina of Time was the best and always will be the best game to ever be. However Breath of The Wild is by far the most amazing game, not just Zelda or Nintendo game, ever. It truly feels like an adventure. With no story restrictions such as an order of events or items, it gives you so much freedom with the storyline and the vast areas to explore. Back to the question tho, ocarina is my favorite because of childhood memories and it being my first Zelda game, but Breath of the wild is the best game on any console.



Breath of the Wild is definitely #1 for being so huge and open ended. OoT and ALBW aren't too far behind though.


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I keep on debating to myself which is better Wind Waker or BOTW. I love Wind Waker's art style, characters, story, dungeons, and the way the game feels but Breath of the Wild is so fun but I think Wind Waker HD is my favorite Zelda right now.


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Majora's Mask is for sure my favorite

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I love the Legend of Zelda series and I enjoy every game in my first time completing it. However from my second playthrough afterwards I only really enjoy certain aspects.

Breath of the wild is amazing but I feel that the novelty has worn off a little. It can be a little repetitive and I feel that more enemy types could have fixed this.
As for skyward sword, despite being linear I still find it really enjoyable, going across the Lanayru sand sea is one of my favourite gaming moments of all time.

My favourite is definitely Wind Waker, great characters, music and dungeons. Exploring the great sea is still as fun as it was the first time for me.



Do we really need another thread for this? I feel like we're getting these every other week...



Definitely Wind Waker, not just because it's the first Zelda I ever finished (luckily the beautiful artstyle was cartoony enough so I wasn't scared of ReDeads like I was in OoT as a kid) but the already mentioned fantastic looking artstyle, the music and the vastness of the Great Sea make Wind Waker an unforgettable experience for me that simply felt like a great voyage to save your sister from a big bad bird. Also WW Zelda was my childhood crush. So there's that, too, I suppose.

Breath of the Wild was a fantastic experience as well but you will never get me to replay from start to finish ever again. Way too many hours spent on the first fully completed run.

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OoT is my favourite but WW, TP, SS, MM, and BotW are not far behind. Wind Waker is probably my second favourite and BotW, third.

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...that doesn't count? Oh well, Wind Waker then.

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I love Skyward Sword but haven't played enough of BotW to determine it as my favorite. For 2D games, the best is A Link Between Worlds for sure (it's a nearly flawless game in my opinion).

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As much as I have liked BotW, the Wind Waker is still my favorite Zelda.

As much as others hated it, I loved sailing and discovering every little secret that was in the great sea. I loved the artstyle, the bright colors and the expressive characters as they act as contrast to a world that is basically Hyrule after the apocalypsis.

It helps that the end of the game was quite a bit darker than anyone would have thought when it was just released, and it has the best Ganon ever. We need more dualwielding sword Ganondorf!

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First tier: MM/TP/Beyond Good and Evil
Second Tier: Link's Awakening/Megaman Legends/Okami
3rd Tier: Other 3D Zelda (except Wind Waker classic, but including Hyrule Warriors), Minish Cap
??? Tier: That BOTW I somehow haven't gotten to yet

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I love Twilight Princess because of the art style, the general mood of the game and the look so similar to an old hand drawn illustration. The gameplay is fun too and the world is immersive and interesting to explore. The story itself and the way it is narrated are not that good imho, at least I didn't particularly enjoyed them overall, but this is not a big flaw everything considered, I really enjoyed that game a lot anyway and really love it still now

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It's gotta be split for me.
3D - Breath of the Wild, still playing the same file after 250 hours.....
2D - A Link to the Past - Play it every year on the anniversary of my step dads passing, not in a weird depressing way, just to honour the memory of the man who got me into Zelda games.

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Majora's mask will always be special for me.

Breath of the wild is slowly taking over though...

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Difficult question because there's multiple Zelda games I would rate a 10/10... but it's not a question I haven't answered before... My favourite is Ocarina of Time and that won't change, definitely the most classic experience in my opinion. Not going to argue why I think it's the best entry, instead here are three personal reasons why I love Ocarina of Time:

1. Memorable
Most story based games have a peak moment that sticks with you. Ocarina of Time has so many unforgettable moments, either funny, sad or just because there was a curious feeling. For example I love when Link plays Saria's song and the grumpy Darunia begins to dance, or the first time you met with Zelda, or when the Deku tree dies etc etc.

2. Time Travel
Time travel is such an interesting concept and Ocarina of Time nailed it by showing the aftermath of Hyrule. With the passing of time comes change, when Links travels to his adult timeline you can see just how devastated the world has become with Ganondorf in charge. Your poor childhood friend Saria was trapped in the forest temple for seven years only to become a spirit when you finally free her. #Feels

3. Boss Battles
The boss battles in Ocarina of Time are incredibly unique, they don't make them like this anymore! Each boss is different and you have to figure out how to beat them before you swing your sword, but that just makes the experience more intense.

Not saying this game is perfect, but the gameplay, story, music does make it the ultimate Zelda to me.

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Ocarina of Time with Windwaker close second.

Majora's Mask was also good and many of the handheld versions were also great (honestly can't tell you those games because they all mash in my brain it's been so long).

I haven't played Skyward Sword nor BoW. Hadn't finished Twilight Princess because my ex gf took the GameCube in college, lol, still mad about it.

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