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Johto is my favorite, followed by Kanto. Getting the dark type in Johto was a game changer, plus I love Noctowl (nobody expects a flying type to have physic attacks). And my favourite Pokémon is Blastoise, so nuff said about Kanto.

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Hoenn, hands down. Always has been, always will be. I also really liked Sinnoh. I feel like both regions were good for exploration and had a bit of variety.



Johto easily my favourite. Can't be nostalgia because I played heart gold for the first time last year!

I love the variety of towns, the pastoral setting, and gen 2 is my favourite set of pokemon. Plus ecruteak town music is my fave poketune.

The only thing I don't like about it is the distribution. Too many gen 2 pokemon are hard to find in Johto.




I have to agree with everything you said in my opinion although I have not bought SoulSilver yet. My very first Pokémon game of my own was Silver followed shortly by Gold. For me those games had the joy of going to Kanto I wish more games did this.



Kalos is my favorite region. The setting being Europe/France is one aspect that really led me down that road (but far from the only one). I mean, they even threw in a Pokemon version of the Palace of Versailles!

Otherwise, I loved the region aesthetically. I like how how areas of the region in a way represent different seasons, like how the area North of Lumiose City is all autumn-like. Plus, the music of Kalos is just so good. By far the most memorable OST post-Generation III, and an OST I was very quick to buy on iTunes.


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Unova for my favorite. With the day/night and the seasons, it feel like a closer to real experience. Having all new Pokemon without the ones from other regions (at least until the national dex) made it a new world experience. Also it's based on my home city so kind of biases there.😁

There are other things too but it relate more to gameplay and features and I don't want to bore people with a wall.

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I really like Hoenn, water and all. Dead jokes aside, Hoenn strikes a good balance between linearity and freedom. You COULD use dive and go straight to Sootopolis city OR you could explore a cool underwater out. Their are a decent number of optional things to do on a decent number of routes, and it looks great in ORAS. It also adds some good Pokemon including some personal favorites, like Torchick. And we can't forget about the one the only... ZIGZAGOON!! The best HM Slave next to Bidoof.

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In order to favorite to least favorite:
1. Gen 2 & 3
2. Gen 1
3. Gen 4 & 5
4. Gen 7
5. Gen 8

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Unova because diversity.

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Hoenn hands down. Gen 3 is my favorite and the one I spent the most time with. I used to stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning just playing Sapphire during the summer when I was in middle school.

I like Orre too (mostly because Wes was one the coolest protagonists and Cipher one of the best enemy teams).


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Having played every major title since R/B/Y but being very annoyed by nostalgia goggles, I have to think about this. If we are just talking about the region itself, rather than the game, Pokemon, or mechanics introduced...

Then it is between Johto for it's culture and the amazing nature and Sinnoh for all of it's awesome mythology and diverse landscape. Thinking about this is really making me want to replay Platinum and Soul Silver again. lol

Also Orre (the region from the Gamecube games) was really cool for it's barren wasteland, western feel. I liked that, aside from a couple oasis it was mostly old factory and mine towns, mostly down on their luck.

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I think ORAS Hoenn is my favourite. It's gorgeous to look at and explore as is varied yet at the same time unified. I enjoy exploring underwater almost as much as above. I think the soaring mechanic is something which should return as it really lets you appreciate the beauty of the region.
Second favourite has to be Kalos though. Love the seasonal range in the environment.

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My personal favorite is Sinnoh. IMO it was great to explore and it was the game that brought me back into the Pokémon series. I also really loved the Pokémon of the region as well and aside from Kanto it has the best starters overall. The only thing that I couldn’t stand about those games was all of the damn HM’s you had to deal with.


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