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Curious what this board's thoughts are on this topic. Do you strive to beat every game you play?

Personally, I do not. When the game becomes boring for a long period of time, I stop. I stopped playing Tales of Vesperia before the final dungeon, because the story lost steam and I was overleveled to the point that the gameplay was no longer challenging. I see no reason to waste time on something that is no longer fun for me.

Wind Waker's Triforce quest is similar, though I do keep telling myself that I will complete it one day, as I really want to tackle that final dungeon.

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I try to beat most of the games I play, and even sometimes try to 100%. If I don't particularly like a game though, or if it becomes boring to me, then I'll stop. Sometimes after taking a long break I'll go back to a game and try to beat it, but I'm usually more focused on newer games. The game I'm closest to beating but never have is Skyward Sword. I think I'm on the final boss, but I hated the controls, and just didn't feel like completing it. Maybe someday I'll go back to it, but if I never do, I'm fine with it.

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Yeah because I want to finish the story. I usually want to find out how it all ends, but I'm not usually the person who will 100% the game unless it's that fun to do it. But it's not like there aren't games I don't finish, usually due to boredom or annoyance of tasks it's making me do with boring reward.



I've said it once, I'll say it again, I strive to get atleast 1/4 of the games price in length. If I enjoy it I'll actually beat it, but even if it's awful I'll keep playing until I've gotten my head value out of it.


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I try to finish the games that I start playing, unless they're atrociously awful (which is why I read reviews and rarely preorder unless it's a franchise I trust). If it's a story driven game, I usually at least try to complete the main narrative. With the exception of Zelda games, I rarely play games to 100% completion as I just don't have the time to do so.

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It depends on what your definition of beat is. Finishing the story, yes I do. Get every little trophy, achievement or whatever you want to call it then no I dont.

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I try to beat the main story/campaign of one game before moving on to another.

Sometimes it's hard to determine what defines as "complete", though. Take Smash 3DS as an example. While collecting every trophy & challenge is obviously 100% perfectionist territory, what constitutes general completion? Beating "Classic"? Beating "All-Star"? Getting 1st place in a "Smash Run"? Doing a combination of said things with every character?

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I will always try to finish a game. As long as the games does not conspire against me, the controls are rubbish, I have a power cut, I had something really important to do, the game is broken in only a way I seem to realise or I find another excuse erm..I mean reason why I couldn't finish it...

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I only bought ten games last year (Bloodborne, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Her Story, Life is Strange, Metal Gear Solid V, SOMA, Splatoon, Until Dawn and Yoshi's Woolly World) so, it is easy for me to get through my games.

I have seen the credits for all of those above games however, I don't go out of my way to '100%' them unless I thoroughly enjoy doing so.

Yoshi's Woolly World is a good example of this - I cannot be arsed to find and collect all those hidden collectibles for such a minuscule reward.



I've barely completed any games I own, but it's not because I don't want to. I just don't have the time (or sometimes patience) to master a game to the point where I can complete it. And I tend to need big blocks of time to build up momentum in a game. Many games require me to spend at least 30 minutes getting back into the zone where I can begin to make progress.

There's very few games without any tedium involved in completing them. Take Grand Theft Auto, for example. Great games, and not too difficult to reach the end of the story, but if you come up against a mission that challenges you and you keep failing, the having to do all the driving again is a right pain. I've finished the story of GTA4, but not interested in the collectibles, and haven't rushed into getting GTA5 (I'll get it when it's £5 on Steam or PS3).

I do think many games are too long though. There's not many games that are able to continually mix up the gameplay right to the end, so inevitably most of them involve some sort of grinding, even if its not actually for levelling-up purposes. When games run out of ideas they need to be brought to a finish quickly, not dragged out for the sake of the few that demand endless gameplay.

Then there's the amount of other games that are always silently calling me to give them a try instead. I couldn't begin to list how many games I am currently in the middle of playing. I rarely give up on a game though, just put them on indefinite hold until the time feels right to have another go.

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lol no, especially when 'AAA' games in particular are so obsessed with padding their games to obscene degrees just to ensure that people don't trade in their games early en mass after finishing them. I'm actually playing through two very similar survival horror games that suffer greatly because of this issue, those being Dead Space (yes the original I'm far behind I know) and Alien Isloation. Both would've been amazing if they'd chopped off about 1/3 of the length, as it is I'm just left wanting to get them over and done with. What started off as two excellent games they made me scream in the way survival horror games should are now just making me scream in frustration as I am sent to yet another part of the ship to mess around with another computer. Bleh.

That's not even going into the likes of Dying Light, Dragon Age Inquisition, Shadow of Mordor, Just Cause 3, MGSV, Batman Arkham Knight et all that are the definition of 'open world' for the sake of it. Great games all in many ways, but they just drag on and on and on.

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I do try it, but sometimes I just leave them unfinished and move on to other games. A game has to be really good to keep me playing it, because I've got a lot of unplayed games and I can't waste my time with not-so-great games (I'm looking at you ZombiU).

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I've had a weird thing happen in recent years, which I guess is maybe some sort of worsening OCD. I used to mentally consider a game "finished" if I had viewed the credits, or played through the main story mode, campaign, what have you. Unlockables and extras were just that — extras. But nowadays I've developed this completionist mindset that is almost impossible to maintain, where I have the desire to completely unlock everything in every game; and the reality is, I just don't have the time to 100% all of these games. I'm trying to work my way back to my former mindset, because I think it was more enjoyable.



No. Too many games in my backlog to waist time with games I don't truly enjoy.



no but i try to beat every game i PAYED for

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