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Got the physical version today, I know Rogue is a download (here in the uk version anyway) when I go into the game it sends me to Eshop to download it. But there’s no code in the box. Does this mean I can download the game as the card is in the switch and then do the same on another switch/account? Or is it just a one time code that’s gone after I download it once? If it’s the latter that is a complete rip off



game download is apparantly tied to the game
so it should work on any account



It's "free DLC" so it is tied to your NNID. You can download it as many times as you like, obviously, but because it's tied to your NNID, you can only play it on one system at a time, and you will need to undergo an online check if using the DLC on a secondary console (yes, even for "free DLC").

If you had, say, multiple Switches with multiple NNIDs, you can download them on each of your NNIDs, yes.

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