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Well, despite your clear request to post when the codes are used, they've all been used up.

I'll happily take one if you get another batch (UK-based) but if not, I hope you get the feedback you need!

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If there is ever anymore given out I will totally give it a shot, always happy to give feedback!

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Well, we've given out 10 codes so far. And unfortunately, did not receive even one word of feedback )

I will check if we have more codes, though, anyway.



Your proposal sounds interesting, but I am curious if there is any limit regarding the age when joining or the location; I mean, if everybody can use the game or just people from a certain location, for example, Australia or the USA. I randomly found this post while searching for games that include coding for kids and graphics, and I am curious if the kids can also play. On top of that, I am curious what program you used while creating the game and if any extension is included in the game except the program itself.

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@SapphiraTinklenberg You're too late. When redeem codes have been given out by a developer, they are typically snatched up with in minutes or hours. And, as you can see in this thread, the dev didn't get any feedback, because of lack of maturity, and because internet.

It's a redeem code, just like if you bought the game. So, the same rules apply if there are age restrictions on your Switch. I suspect the switch will prohibit you from downloading if there's an age restriction. And yes, redeem codes can only be redeemed by specific regions because of how digital ownership is structured for the Switch.

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Probably way to late to comment, but I never ended up using a code. Sorry if that caused any inconvenience.

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