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A thread was closed recently without any particular reason. Nothing against the moderator involved, but they're not particularly active in the forums and so it felt a bit unnecessary and overbearing for them to decide a perfectly civil conversation should get closed down. Not very community-friendly.


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Bruh. The mod literally gave an explanation here:

This is a forum about Nintendo Games, and have you seen some of the people on here? This is not the platform to have a discussion about mental health, even if it was civil.

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@gcunit I can understand the rationale for why it was locked and I tend to agree with it.

That said, you can make your feedback heard directly by using the contact form. I'm sure Gemma would be happy to discuss further with you (although I know she isn't around today/tomorrow).

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@gcunit I think it's probably due to the subject matter being something that could get very out of hand very quickly. I remember there was another one that started off just as innocently on video game crushes that unfortunately devolved into some unsavoury discussions so they're probably just taking a precaution against it happening again.

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