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Some ad on this site is always redirecting me to the following url when I'm browsing on Android. It started up yesterday, but it still happens.

The malicious page I get redirected to (minus a bunch of parameters about my location that were stuck at the end):

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like.

Wish I could tell you which ad it is, but the moment the ads load I instantly get redirected.



I turned off my AD blocker to see if I'd get the AD and I did.

edit also did a malware scan and got like 6 warnings

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Same here actually!

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Stuff like this is one of my many reason why I have an ad blocker with a small white list of sites.


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Thanks all — there were some changes late last week that were meant to block/combat these bad ads but if you're still seeing it perhaps that hasn't worked. Can anyone confirm today if they are still seeing it? Thanks

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I can confirm the changes made fixed things for me at least.


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