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Hey all, I have fun idea for the next update.

Chef Hat (cannot be dyed)
Difficulty To Acquire: 3/5. Side Quest could be collecting certain cooking ingredients for a certain person.
Stats: 2 Armor
Bonus Effect: 20% More hearts and golden hearts on cooked food when wearing the Level 1 Chef's Hat

Upgrade materials:
Level 2: 20x Apple, 5x Hyrule Bass, 2x, 1x Copious Meat Skewer and 1x Goron Spice
Chef's Hat now gives 4 Armor and 30% Heart bonus.

Level 3: 35x Apple, 15x Electric Saffina, 5x Bright Eyed Crab and 1x Monster Extract
Chef's Hat now gives 7 Armor, 30% heart bonus and 10% flat chance to get critical dish

Level 4: 45x Apples, 25x Mighty Banana, 10x Raw Gourmet Meat and 3x Monster Extract
Chef's Hat now gives 12 Armor, 30% Heart Bonus, 20% flat critical dish chance and you can combine 2 elixir or dish effects + 2:00 minute duration for every cooked dish/elixir.

More about the quest. The quest goes something like this. This chef dude wants say... Raw Gourmet Meat. Well you go and bring it to him, then you get 50 Rubies and wait 24 ingame hours and talk to the guy again. He tells you to go get 15 Raw Prime Meat. Reward, 100 Rubies. Then after the next 24 Hours, he kinda gives up on the cooking and wants Mighty Crab Risotto for cheering him up, and then he thanks you for the amazing meal and gives you the Chef's Hat because you deserve it.

What D'ya think?



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