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Hey guys, a couple weeks ago my joy con started acting up. Had the switch since launch and not sure if I'm due for a new set. But here's what happened.. I would leave my switch charging overnight with both Joycon connected to the system. In the morning I would turn off my switch and when i fire it back up, it would only get an hour or so out of my right joycon and it would say it's almost dead even though it's been charging all night. In some cases my left joy con would always say it's charging and never says fully charged. For the right joycon I have to re attach it multiple times to get it to charge even though it says connected while my switch is charging. It all started right when I started playing dark souls a few weeks back. Think it's time for new joy con? Or is it a simple fix? Again both are experiencing wierd issues simaltaneously.



is there even the smallest amount of play when the Joy-Cons are connected, the contacts on the Joy-Cons are on the very bottom, hidden underneath the overlapping tab between the tab and the controller, if you look very carefully, they do not sit very high off the tab and they are super thin and it's not impossible that even a tiny amount of misalignment can impact charging.
if so, try borrowing someone else's Joy-Cons if you can, see if there's still any play/movement of the controller and to compare charging effects

also have you cleaned the contacts on the tablet and the Joy-Cons ???
for the same reason of the design and placement of the contacts, some excess dust or film may have collected on them and/or the contacts of the tablet and make bad contact
in that case, I don't recommend the "dry toothbrush" solution like usually suggest for all other contact problems as it could damage the ultra thin wires on the Joy-Cons, I recommend getting a can of compressed "air duster" from an electronics store or the electronics section of Wal-Mart/Target and blow ONLY in a strait line upward with the direction of the wires and in very short .5-1.0 second bursts, waiting at least 3 seconds in between, the wires are ultra thing and that canned air is pretty strong (and cold), doing it at an angle unequal to that of the wires could cause them to be severely misaligned and doing the air for too long can freeze the wire to the point where they could break, so be ultra careful

inline and very short bursts

hope all works out well friend

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Subpopz: that's a great idea that i never thought of. Only problem is I don't have any friends or family with a switch.

Nemodius: thats some great info i never knew. I'll take a look soon and see if anything is causing the interruption. There's always been(within the past year) a little play on the left joycon but never the right one. I also have the rubber covers that slide over the joy con for protection. I doubt all of a sudden they would cause communication issues as I've had them for over a year but i could be wrong. I'll check the contacts though and if i feel like it's beyond my scope of possibly being to repair myself I may send them in for inspection. Plus I don't want to risk really damaging a set of $80 controllers. I really appreciate the help on this. I'll give your advice a look.



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