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My birthday is coming up and i need to know which console to get. I was going to say 3Ds XL but now I've heard people say its uncomfortable. I was then wanting to say 3Ds but I heard someone else say the 2Ds wont break as easily. Another thing I heard about the 2Ds is that its really uncomfortable too. Whats your opinion?



Well, that kind of stuff is subjective. I have an original 3ds and it's quite durable, unless you plan to let it fall from your desk every week. It's not the most comfortable handled but it isn't so bad. I actually heard that both the XL and 2ds are more comfortable but I think that depends on the size of your hands (bigger hands would fit better with those). If you have the option, you should consider getting a New 3ds Xl simply because games run slightly better, you can download super nintendo games on it too (original 3ds and 2ds can't emulate them) and everything else from the e shop, it also has better 3d by a long shot and a weird stick that works as a second analog stick. Many of us didn't find the upgrade worth it, but that's because we already have a 3ds or 3ds XL.

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Thanks Roy!!! I'll remember that!


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