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I am trying to transfer my old dsiware from my dsi to my new 3DS and there are some games that will not transfer. Incidently, all the games that fail to come up on the custom transfer screen are those that came built into my dsi ('Dictionary 6 in 1' and 'a little bit of brain training arts edition'). I have managed to transfer the other games I bought myself through the dsi, but I cannot transfer those built in and it is not even showing up when I click custom transfer then dsiware on the dsi. My dsi software version is 1.4.5E and I seem to have the latest software version. Any help will be greatly appreciated because I wish to completely migrate all my games from the dsi system before giving it away (I have no photos or videos I need to transfer).



It doesn´t transfer pre-installed games because it doesn´t "detects" they were buy. This also happens with pre-installed games in Wii to transfer to Wii U.

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