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When I was younger my first gaming system was my Nintendo ds.although I’m not to sure what model it was but I remember putting in a game cartridge and playing games until my parents would have to take the system off if me, but there’s one game that can’t leave my mind a game I can not remember the name off it was a cartoony game similar to dumb ways to die game art but there’s one part I remember the most and it was a level where I had to give someone (a cartoon guy) a needle injection and that was it no other memory’s of that game but I remember how playing it made me feel and ever since that day that game has not left my mind and I don’t think I will ever get to play it again if anyone out there knows the game name please let me know



Was it similar to Dumb Ways to Die in terms of Gameplay? If so, it could've probably been something like WarioWare touched.

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Trauma Center?



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