Topic: Is this NTSC DS game real? It doesn't exist / no info online.

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I'm a long time Nintendo DS collector & I know the North American library for it pretty well. A couple of weeks ago I was browsing ebay and I saw a DS game that I've never seen before called 'Clever Kids Piratas' up for auction. I did a Google search for it and found that there were a few regions which released the game under the titles of 'Clever Kids Piratas' as well as 'Clever Kids Pirates', but no evidence of it getting a release here. I contacted the seller asking for a few more pictures but it was the evening before the auction would end (early next morning) and I didn't get a response. I decided to risk a few bucks on it just to see what it was. Turns out that I was the only bidder with a winning bid of $3 plus shipping. You can see the sale with an advanced ebay search and by selecting sold and completed items. Upon receiving the game it doesn't have a manual but the cartridge has a legit looking glossy label which also has the NTSC 'E' rating on it, & the cover art also looks professionally made & has machine cut edges. I did try the cartridge in my 2 Nintendo DSi-XL systems & an anchor icon appears on the home screen along with the title 'Clever Kids Pirates', but when I select the
icon I get an error. I've recently again reached out to the seller for more info & they said they "buy excess games from a local store" & they don't know the origin of this one. If anyone has any info on this game please let me know. Also, please check the photos in the link below and let me know if you see any clues. If it is a bootleg, the question is why would anyone take the time to create high quality custom artwork for the cover and cartridge of a game no one is looking for, and only one fool was willing to spend $3 on?

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@Medieval_Genius This is 100% bootleg.

1. Your sticker code (WEEP) must be included in your back code. It is not.
2. Your Nintendo text on the back must be glossy and printed with high quality laser cut. This is too deep and not glossy in the indents at all.
3. There must be white numbers etched on the board in the back above the pins.
4. You should not see so much circuit board trails.
5. The sticker is not centered correctly.
6. The darked code in the back is not the proper laser quality.

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Thanks for all the info.

I was leaning towards bootleg because I have a little bit of knowledge spotting fakes
but I also felt that (or was hoping) perhaps it could be some sort of prototype or mock-up
of a game they were considering releasing.
Because again, why bootleg THIS game? Very strange.


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