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Hi! made this account specifically to ask this (also hope this is the right forum for this rip), but I hope someone who knows the inside of the 2ds xl can help me out,

A couple years back I ended up spilling a sticky drink on it and I've been putting off cleaning it out because I'm a clown, it works normally but the circle pad, d pad, and a couple other buttons on the left side as well as the y and b buttons are pretty goopy, i was wondering if there was any way (or video showing how) i should go about opening it up to clean it out? I don't think there's much if any at all on any of the sensitive parts inside but it's more gathered under the buttons but I haven't seen anyone access it online.

Thanks a bunch!



@WoomyNNYes @floor-rinse spanwave is very knowledgeable about repairs however his videos are more for entertainment than to follow a repair. I am going to suggest "my mate vince" channel as he shows opening up of the systems without cuts.
Be also aware that any kind of liquids left for a long period of time will promote corrosion so when you do opening it, clean everything with cleaning alcohol and spray vinegear into the damaged area (to stop progression). If you see green spots try to scrapp it also.

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