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After looking at several lists of "best DSiWare," I go ahead and start buying things, then get to this one, think to myself that a Breakout/Arkanoid clone with RPG elements and endless levels would be cool, and try to find it. Lo and behold, it's not there! Every single website basically says that it should still be there, even Nintendo's own sites don't say anything. And yes, I tried searching "alpha," "bounce," "AlphaBounce," Mad Monkey Studios as a publisher, and the entire list of 500 point games.

Can anyone else confirm that it's not there anymore, and possibly contact Mad Monkey/Motion Twin about it if it's truly missing?



That's weird. Was it on a 3DS or DSi though? Also, on the 3DS eShop, the video for the game is there, but the game itself isn't! What gives?


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You're right, i just checked on my DSi.

I can't find the title on the publicly visible portion of the shop. However, having previously bought it, I can still get to it via my "Titles you've downloaded" page.

I have to say, its a really expansive title (there are a seemingly an infinite number of levels). Just be warned, the game is not completely free of bugs. I've found that some of the stages (1-3) will crash your game on certain difficulty settings. That said, you are by no means required to complete each and every stage(if that is even possible), you just might want to keep (and update) a backup of the game on your SD card.
Please don't be turned off by what I just mentioned. Content-wise, AlphaBounce is one of richest titles to grace the DSi Shop and well worth the 500 points.

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Damnit! I've been wanting this for years!!!!!!!!!!! Never got around to grabbing in all that time...crap! I'll go take a look, but it might be one of many games to disappear off of the shop. Stupid digital only future..........

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That's a shame. This game always piqued my interest, but never enough to buy it. If I would've known it was going to be removed, I would've gotten it.

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It was from my early downloaded games when i bought my 3ds. I will check in my download list but i just see i have it in my memory system and a copy in my SD card. I will tell to some friends that downloaded it.

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@shinesprite That sucks for them. Hope the developers have found work with other companies.

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