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As many of you know, we had previously decided to allow the placement of reader reviews on the Nintendo Life forums. However, due to an overwhelming number of requests by readers to do reviews of their own on the forums, we've decided to opt for a better and more practical solution.

We are currently working on a special reader review function that will be instituted soon to alleviate the problem of the forums becoming over-crowded with reader reviews. It should also provide a much better way of organizing all of these reviews as well.

So until such time as this new function is made available, we ask that no reader reviews be put up on the forums at this time. If you want to talk about games and their good and bad points in a discussion, that's perfectly fine. But we don't want individual topics created solely for a specific reader to put up game reviews for the time being.

We hate to have to change the policy so soon after deciding to allow it, but we had no idea this many readers would begin contacting us requesting to write reviews on the forums. We look forward to seeing all of your reviews in the near future when our new reader review service is made available. It should be fun!

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