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Afternoon everyone,

It's not very often that we do something like this, but if you've ever wanted a way to support the website please feel free to donate to our GamesAid run that myself and Thomas will be doing on Sunday.

We'll be running for 10K dressed as Mario & Luigi trying to raise some money, GamesAid is a hub charity that distributes money to other video-games related charities, all of which use the power of videos games to bring enjoyment to those that sometimes can't play games.

We all love video games, so it should be accessible to everyone.

If you've got a few spare £££ or $$$ please feel free to donate here:



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I would, but I think the link is broken...

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I'm afraid I can't. My parents are trying to save money, so I may never do this. I hope you get your money though!



Wow how long will you be taking donations? I ask cause I can only spare a little now since I dont get paid till next week but would like to donate more.

Good luck guys and no matter how you finish everyone is a winner here.


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