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Evening everyone,

Earlier today I implemented a few long over-due features into the forums, here's a summary:

Sticky Topics
Moderators can now elect for a topic to become 'sticky' within a particular forum, meaning topics will be sorted by sticky, then last posted timestamp.

Improved Email Notifications
Gone are the boring text emails when watching a topic, these have been replaced with the HTML style emails you may of seen for other alerts.

@Mention Notifications
As per the article comments, email notifications will now be sent to anyone you @mention in a forum post, or topic. Providing they have the alert enabled in their preferences.

Inline Watch Topic
You can now elect to start or stop watching a topic directly from the reply form, making it easier to enable/disable this feature.

Watch Forums
You can now 'Watch' a forum, which will sent you an email notification whenever a new topic is created in that forum - for example, I'll always get an email when someone creates a topic in the 'Feedback, Ideas & Suggestions' forum, you may always want to know about new topics within the 3DS forum etc.

Archive Topics
Moderators can now elect to archive a topic, this simply hides it from the normal forum listing, although the topic is still accessible (its not deleted). Archiving also locks (no further posts), we will start auto-archiving old topics that haven't had a reply in x months shortly.

Hurray! There should be a few more additions over the weekend.

Thanks and Happy Gaming!

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Now this is good news. (:

Just for you.
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Thanks for fixing the error so quickly ant, youdaman~

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@CrimsonFire13: Check out any console-based section of the forums, i believe i've got all the Recommendations threads stickied by now. There's a yellow star on the thread icon for a stickied thread, and any stickied thread will stay at the top of the forum page, no matter when the last reply was. Stickying a thread makes important threads much easier to find for new users. :3

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Awesome update Ant!


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YES! This is a great update! First off, the stickies are nice so users don't keep making a bunch of friend code things and all that (even though they probably still will). The @mention notification should be super useful as well.

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Thank you Ant. This place just keeps getting better and better.

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@ant: we are not worthy...

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No problem guys... I've made a number of speed-related improvements to the forums today, hopefully they should be running quite a bit faster, which helps the servers..

Let me know if anything weird happens

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@Ant A small suggestion I have would be to change the backdrop on a sticky topic, so it can be even more noticeable. I know there's a golden star, but it's all the way on the far left and can be easily missed at first glance.

Just a simple aesthetic tweak, I think. I'm totally fine if you choose not to add it.

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New sticky icon looks nice. Also, do you guys have the capacity to move topics now? I could've sworn one was moved...unless it was my imagination?

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Thanks this is good news ūüĎć



@Lena_B this thread is over three years old, please check the dates on the posts before reviving a thread.

Edit: oh sheesh you did the same thing in a bunch of threads, please don't.

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