Topic: Who bets we get Mario/Paper Mario amiibo cards this year?

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21.5 million AC amiibo cards sold as of December 2015...

M&L Paper Jam already uses in-game cards and lets you unlock them with amiibos. Now PM Color Splash seems to revolve around card decks... I doubt AC amiibo cards is the only series we get and AC Amiibo Festival the only game to use amiibo cards... And considering how much more a Mario themed card series would sell... I bet Nintendo is already printing mone... err, working on it.

And BTW, these NFC amiibo cards (AC, Mario, Zelda, whatever) have a lot of potential with mobile apps/games too, so if they keep releasing amiibo cards I guess sooner or later we'll also get, at the very least, an app to register/track/brag about our cards/collections, but I bet we'll also get a mobile games that make use of amiibo cards.

What do you think?



Maybe Nintendo will produce amiibo cards of the actually cards in game e.g. Hammer, jump etc.

I'm really feeling it.

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I want a Paper Mario amiibo like Mr. G&W.

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Paper Mario amiibo would be awesome and I'd definitely buy Paper Mario cards even though I never bought AC cards just the figures.



I think a Zelda range of amiibo figures will happen instead.


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