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some people seem to have issues with Nintendo locking content via amiibo. do you like this idea? i have yet collect any yet, to figure if there worth to use for such content. and while in interested of getting content off of amiibo only, i'm not sure if i'm fan of this concept yet.

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I don't mind it. But they shouldn't drop regular DLC. I enjoy that they do little things, because over time some of them have a lot of uses and can unlock a lot of things. Obviously some are "useless" except to Smash and things that can use any Amiibo, but some, like almost (if not all) the Super Mario characters, work with multiple games that are Write games instead of just reading. Adding on all the reading things they do, individually they've got a fair amount to offer at this point. Imo of course. If they keep up with this for some time, buying one Amiibo could unlock more value than buying one downloadable bundle pack for one game. I think that's nifty. But you still need the full blown DLC packs. Hyrule Warriors with no DLC but just Amiibo content = very not as interesting. Same with Mario Kart, and it would probably make things difficult if you had the entire Mario Kart 8 DLC pack on an Amiibo. Maybe that's the future?

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I only collect the amiibo that have some kind of function with games that I own. That's also why I don't have any Animal Crossing amiibo yet; I don't own Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer nor Animal Crossing amiibo Festival. All of my amiibo, minus two, are Smash amiibo. I do find their usability important, because that's what I pay for. However, I also collect them simply as collectibles. I currently have 24 amiibo, and there's no way I'm going to train all of those to level 50 in Smash. But for some reason I feel more justified if the amiibo have functionality for me. I don't know, that's just me.

When it comes to actually locking content behind amiibo, it depends. In cases like Smash or even Mario Party or AC amiibo Festival, I don't really mind it. Mario Party and especially Smash features a way of compatibility that simply works best with a concept like amiibo. And while I'm not a fan of games that require toys to play, I know that a lot people are into it, so I guess AC amiibo festival is more for them (even though I know the game isn't exactly popular with fans).
But I assume you're more talking about games like Splatoon, where they lock specific missions behind amiibo. Personally, I don't mind it that much, if it's an actual bonus. Take the unlockable Mario Kart Mii suits for example. I don't mind those, because they're a little extra you can get when you own the amiibo. The amiibo themselves can also be used in other games where they're more intuitive, while they simply provide you with a fun little extra in Mario Kart, a little extra that can be completely ignored if you want. However, when it comes to Splatoon I think it's slightly more controversial. The only thing the amiibo do is unlock missions. I can live with that because the main game seems fine, and there is no way the Inklings would've gotten any kind of collectible figurines for fans outside of amiibo, and I know that's also why they're popular.

Let's just put it like this: if it's something minor that can be ignored just fine, like in Mario Kart or Mario Maker, then I don't mind it.

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I buy amiibo for the figure of the character. If they didn't unlock anything, I wouldn't mind. I DO mind, though, when I have to buy a figure in order to play a certain part of a game. (Like AC: Amiibo Festival). I think the best balance between having amiibos unlock parts of the game and not have too much locked behind them is games like Smash, MK8, or Hyrule Warriors. Those games don't require any amiibo, but enhance the experience by giving either another fighter, a costume, or items. All of those things aren't necessary and don't really impact the game in any way. The Splatoon amiibos having extra challenges from story mode was a bit too much for an amiibo, in my opinion. I think the challenges should've come with the game and not the amiibos. I think using the amiibo to get special gear is good enough, and not having the gear locked behind missions is fine.

So basically, if they only enhance the game, and aren't required to get to enjoy the full game, then I'm all for amiibo content. Locking certain parts of the game inside amiibos though, that's too far.

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I'm not interested in amiibo, but I usually don't mind if they contain some minor things, as long it's not the only way to get the content. But if it's something important like an extra game mode or dungeon, then that's a huge problem, especially if that's the only way to get that content. I'm against locking major content in amiibo.

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Not anymore, unless it's visual, such as costumes and skins. If it's extra missions or stages like in Splatoon and TPHD, then I'd prefer to buy it instantly without hassle or limited supply. It was cool when SSB did it, because the feature let the amiibo each be personalized as a virtual fighter. No other game has turned any amiibo into anything other than a key to unlock unrelated content.

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@Nicolai: Shovel Knight uses the Amiibo in a similar way to Smash Bros. The Amiibo levels up to 50, becomes stronger, and new options open for customization along the way.

It's like having a completely new character to play as. But not quite so unique to say you're missing a big part of the game without it.

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I don't mind the way that they're being handled. I don't use them a great deal except for unlocking bonuses and to train them to level 50 in Smash. I would appreciate it if all future Nintendo-published games incorporated at least some form of amiibo functionality, however, insignificant it may be (like the Shulk amiibo in Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, which was the absolute bare minimum that they could possibly do). I was thinking that the Pokémon amiibo can be incorporated into the next main series Pokémon game by including an amiibo battle mode that allows players to use their Smash amiibo to fight by using the traditional Pokémon battling system (the level and the moveset of the Pokémon amiibo would match that of the Smash data on the amiibo), and the amiibo can be used to battle either online or via local wireless. I know that it's extremely unlikely, but it would be really cool if they include something like that.

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Anything playable that one can't access without the amiibo is a big no no in my book. At that point it becomes an even worse version of DLC, one that is limited to a physical item instead of at least being available to everyone digitally.

So Splatoon's missions and the TP implementations are not ones I'm a fan of.

But cosmetic things are what I am a fan of. Wooly World does it best, I feel.



Morpheel wrote:

@Nicolai: Shovel Knight uses the Amiibo in a similar way to Smash Bros. The Amiibo levels up to 50, becomes stronger, and new options open for customization along the way.

It's like having a completely new character to play as. But not quite so unique to say you're missing a big part of the game without it.

I didn't realize that. I thought it was just for unlocking local multiplayer. It's great that the amiibo can be customized and eventually has something unique about it. But locking local multiplayer was a bad move. It should just be DLC you can download any time.

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Amiibo has absolutely nothing to do with the game content period, but rather expanding it.

I got no problems with them and that's not because its impossible for me to get them, its just that I don't mind it too much.

Yeah, I need the marth amiibo to unlock him in fates, but what does it do? unlock a map? unlock additional story? No. It just gives an intro of marth and you fight him and that's it, you unlock

Honestly, unlocking him would probably make the game easier if I'm not mistaken.

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