Topic: Will we get GBA VC on new 3DS?

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...GBA and DS games seem fine to me on the TV...>.>

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I already have a wii u thank you very much.

Problem solved then.

How does that solve the problem? I didn't realize Nintendo's eShop was cross platform now.

The eShop is about as cross platform as Playstation Store

Nonsense. PS1 Classics (which are Sony's VC basically) are cross-platform since day one. Same for "minis". Ninty just doesn't know how to treat customers in the 21st century.

That aside, I'd love me some GBA games on the N3DS. I mean, I already have them, but I would like to get them legit, just like I've got me some SNES love when Ninty finally figured out how to fit a SNES cart into the 3DS.



I think it is do or die time on the 12th it it dose not happen it never will


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