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I am buying a new 3ds soon, and my plan is to sell my current one before buying the new one. If I use the sd card from my current 3ds in my new 3ds will all my game data be transferred?



No, you have to do a system transfer. To do that you need both devices.


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Yes, it is advisable to keep both long enough to do a system transfer.

After that you can sell the old console.

If you just insert the old SD card in the new system, the new system will simply format it to use it like it’s a new card.

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@cypra You need to have both consoles to do a transfer. Sell your old console after the transfer. Nintendo support page has directions for transfers. You can also ask support for help, if you're in a region with live phone/chat messenger support.

**For UK support, nintendo doesn't reveal the support phone number until after you fill out a form(that looks like an email form). Once you've gotten to the message part of the form, they reveal the phone number at the bottom of the page. It's rather sneaky.

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