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It should have been updated today... I guess I'll keep waiting. Come on Nintendo, I want new games! and when is Flipnote supposed to come out???

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Wow. My 3DS eshop updated at 11:00. Kinda surprised because my dsi never updated its shop until 12:00.

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Ta da! E-shop updated on queue! Now I can buy Gameboy Donkey Kong on the 3DS virtual console. Woo!


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No new games.... Just some AWESOME VC!

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mega man 5 and dk 94!

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@retro_on_thego - I WOULD LOVE kirby! I remember buying it at kmart for 6 bucks and playing it on the way home. man taht boxer guy was tough.

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Yeah that maybe it, but it could also be Nintendo getting its act together and doing more than 1 exclusive game as Double Dragon is floating out there too. Could use another 3D Classic or even a first 3dsware too already.

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Kirby's first game is awesome!
Yeah it's short and pathetically easy. I still love it though. That music has stayed with me after all these years. I'm already hearing it in my head.
It's great in short bursts when you just need a quick gaming fix.

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Flipnote Memo?

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