Topic: Should the 3dsware get a fluidity game?

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After somewhat ignoring it I fan ally sat down, turned off Mario tennis and started to play fluidity. I originally stopped playing because I couldn't find he next level but after 30 minutes I finally found it. So while playing fluidity I really had a craving to have some sort of craving on the go so I looked at my 3ds and thought of its gyroscope. Do you think the 3ds should get a fluidity game or is it just a game that should stay on wiiware?

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i didnt play fludity before but maybe they could make some port or make a new one for the eshop,but as of right now the game most close to this on the 3ds is cubic ninja

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Big fan of Fluidity, and would love to see a 3DS version. The only downside is that 3D wouldn't work when you are tilting the system all over... but I'd still buy.


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