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@Karakato_001 Hmm, I've never been much into apple products.So it's not surprising that i wouldn't know about it's ISO version.The link you give me has some screen shots. From what i can see it's mostly the same but there are some little differences here and there. Such as the life bar and the number gold. Let's not forget the 3D..It doesn't uses depth like most 3DS games. It's more of a pop out effect, which looks really nice. If you already play this game on the ISO then, i don't see the point in downloading it again. Unless your really into 3D or wanna play the game with actual buttons. Also, i stop listening to reviewers long ago.

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My first impressions? Death. And lots of it. But that's ok. If anyone isn't sure about the visuals the 3D looks really good. I probably wouldn't have liked the game as much if there was no 3D honestly. But it's still fun.

Emphasis on the difficulty. You'll be starting the first level over numerous times. I probably was up to about four or five before I had enough for my first upgrade. If that sounds like a lot...the action is fast and it won't take you too long to die at first. Fighting smartly (you probably wont find that full-on berkserking is a good strategy) and definitely upgrades like the dodge roll help a lot. If you like brawlers and samurais, and 3D, and don't mind spending six bucks on it, this is a good fun game to kill time with.

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Isn't this the game made by that shovelware developer UFO Interactive?

I downloaded it, but I don't trust publishers like UFO, City Interactive, 505 Games, SouthPeak Games, etc. (all know for their shovelware).

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LordTendoboy wrote:

I downloaded it, but I don't trust publishers like UFO, City Interactive, 505 Games, SouthPeak Games, etc. (all know for their shovelware).

Maybe you should play it and offer your opinion on it if you've already bought it?



Does it have a left handed mode where you hold the stylus with the left, and move with the ABXY



I bought this game just because I was bored and liked it a lot more than I thought I would. The combat is repetitive but it never became boring for me. There also is a lot of grinding but it's a lot more satisfying than in most games because the rewards are pretty instantaneous. The ambush levels are also diverse and break up the combat nicely. The boss levels are well done too. A lot of people say it is only fun for 15 minutes at a time but I played most of it in one sitting. It is a mindless game that I played while watching mindless television. I think if you're looking for a game that doesn't take a lot of effort and you can play while doing something else too, then this game is perfect for you.



Alright, I was on the fence, but you've convinced me to put it on my Wishlist.

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The Controls are interesting, some moves work better on touch, others on buttons, I keep on swaping which isn't good. The graphics are simple and have some detail to them. The 3D effect is the best seen on a sidescroller besides Super Street Fighter 4. Leveling up is strategic and fun. Gameplay is the same, however, it's not mind numbing. The Story will not enhance your game, but it isn't laughable. The biggest flaw is that it takes over 800 blocks of space, for some reason. The game is so simple, I can make it in my freetime. It's not a number 1 buy (Because that belongs to VVVVVV) but it's a tie between this and Pushmo.


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