Topic: Plants Vs Zombies 3DS - same as DS/DSi version?

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Hello everyone. UK 3DS owner here. Just updated my 3DS and noticed Plants Vs Zombies in the eShop. Is this the same as the DS/DSiWare version? That was criticised for having a cluttered screen and suffering slowdown. Given that the 3DS has a higher resolution screen and is more powerful than the DSi it would be a perfect opportunity to correct those problems. So is the 3DS version improved over the DS/DSi version?

Ah, I'm an idiot. Just noticed that it's the DSiWare title. Fingers crossed for an updated 3DS version then!

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Unless they're classed as '3DSWare', none of the 'Ware games are created with the 3DS in mind. PvZ is still DSiWare even though it's in the eShop, therefore nothing will have been changed.

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