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I thought I would make a thread so that more people know about this little perk. The amount of gold coins you receive in My Nintendo doesn't depend on the amount spent on a game, but actually only depends on the original non-sale price. I purchased Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader for $5 on the eShop, with it's original price listed as $30. I got 30 points instead of 10! And oddly, there is a Streetpass feature in this game that I'm not sure will ever get used by anyone.

Definitely another reason to check on the sales in the eShop regularly.


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People will need to judge whether purchasing software to get coins is worth it. In some (probably most) instances, buying the software outright from the eShop will be cheaper than buying software you won't use in order to get gold coins to redeem for the same item in My Nintendo.

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I am waiting for a indie to release a $70 game and always have it on sale for $1. That would be great lol.

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I think I'll get all the Atlus games I've been planing to buy. When they're on sale, of course.

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@shaneoh: Yeah, obviously I am not recommending people buy things just for the coins, however if you ever needed something to push you over the edge on an eShop sale, this might be it.


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Sadly I think it's just a glitch or an oversight from Nintendo. This is what the mission details for at least the lowest gold coin mission says:

"This mission can be completed either by purchasing software directly from Nintendo eShop or by redeeming a download code for software in Nintendo eShop. The amount of points will be determined based on the price of the respective software in Nintendo eShop at the time of purchase or redemption. Download codes distributed for free by Nintendo are exempt."

So if I'm reading this right, you should actually be clearing the mission based on the sale price, not the full price. Or then it only applies to permanent price reductions but the description does not really say it clearly enough.

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@Nego: Good find, but here's hoping they don't change it. There's a few things they need to change for the better.


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Hmmm, more incentive to actually buy the games I want when they're on sale. I didn't even think about that, thanks McGruber!


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While I appreciate the heads up, I'd just like to make note that you're more than likely still losing money on this. Basically every reward on My Nintendo has been a discount, and very few of them (only the 80+ GP rewards) offer a discount of more than $5. UNLESS YOU SPECIFICALLY WANT AND PLAN TO PLAY THE GAME YOU ARE BUYING, YOUR PURCHASE IS ALMOST GUARANTEED TO BE A NET LOSS IN VALUE. This is basically common sense, but I wanted to make sure to put that to rest for anyone who thinks they'll come out with any true gain just by purchasing such a game.

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