Topic: Nintendo making the wrong 3D classics?

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The first 3D classic should have been Super Mario Bros. And what about Ice Climber or Balloon Fight?

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grumblegrumble wrote:

No, making a game into a 3-D classic would have to be a simpler game, which is why we see games like Urban Champion as a 3-D Classic. I've kind of figured out Nintendo's formula for this... it must be a very simple game with a limited amount of scenes that can be easily transformed into 3-D. They wouldn't make SMB a 3-D classic because of the huge variety of levels, that would take programmers FOREVER to turn into 3-D. Nintendo is only looking for simple games for this process which is why we have seen the mostly lackluster rollout that we've seen in that genre.

This would be valid if they were pumping them out at a decent rate, but since they are taking forever for even the simpler games, they may as well do more popular complex games.


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