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Ok so my 3ds has started playing up the battery is fully charged but sometimes it will turn itself off, then when you turn it back on it flashes red asif the battery is close to death but then goes back to being fully charged 0.0
Iv also noted that if I drop it on the couch it will sometimes turn itself off completely, (could all this be caused by a loose/failing battery?)
Was playing with it rested on the couch earlier so I wasnt moving it about at all, suddenly solid red light appeared so I thought "ok I will finish this battle then connect the charger" 30 seconds later with no warning it turned off, turned it back on time and date reset and a full battery aaarrrgggh

sorry to be so long winded
any help or insight would be much appreciated



Sounds like the battery is loose. Try checking the back panel to see if it's well closed.

If it's something worse than a loose back panel, then contact Nintendo.

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definitely not loose, gave it a tighten to be certain though, have a new bettery arriving tomorrow hopefully that will fix it, Im out of warranty so dont really want to send it in



Yeah, I'd see if the new battery does anything. If not, I'd send in your current system for repair or (depending on how cost-effective you feel that this is) get a replacement.

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I have reseated the battery until the replacement arrives, seems to be working at the minute, I cant replicate the issue for now anyway



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