Topic: National StreetPass Weekend 11/26-11/30 (NA)

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For everyone in North America, there will be another StreetPass Weekend running from Wednesday, November 26 to Sunday, November 30 (a little longer for Thanksgiving weekend! )

What seems to be different from what I can tell is that the SpotPass notification says you can meet 3DS users from all over North America. Has this always been the case?

And as an added bonus, a Special Mii was just distributed as well. Sorry, Europe. Maybe you'll get more now?

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Yeah, for Canada/US, but not sure whether Mexico has been included in these before, although pretty sure you could even tag people from overseas anyway because people using the SSID for a US Nintendo Zone to homepass will have their tags get mixed in with conventional relay tags.

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Must be nice. The chances of me getting anywhere near a Streetpass relay station this weekend is slim to none. My mother in law is in the hospital and she was my ride around town. I live out in the country.

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I wonder if homepass will work?
I have no means of transportation so this is my only option...

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