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Well, I'm finally making the jump to the new 3ds xl from a 2ds! To celebrate, I thought I'd grab a new game to go with it, particularly an rpg. I started by choosing between Bravely Default and Fire Emblem. Note: I have never played either before. I ended up going with Fire Emblem, but now im stuck wondering which version I should start with; Awakening, Birthright, or Conquest? Birthright and Conquest looks to me like choosing between Pokemon leaf green or fire red, and as for awakening, I have no idea (haha). I've heard that they're all independent, and that I won't have to worry about being behind on the story, but I would still like some input! So, any advice? All answers appreciated (and thanks for reading)!

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Awakening is an independent story. Birthright and Conquest are two "halves" of a story (or thirds, if you count the DLC-only game, Revelations).

I have yet to play either side of Fates, but I did very much enjoy Awakening. Fates: Birthright is supposed to be the easier of it's parts, so you could also try that. Although all of the games have generous difficulty options, should you need them.

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@DarthNocturnal cool, thanks for clearing that up (and your input)! I found an article here about which of the 2 Fates games one should buy, and saw that Birthright is a good start for beginners of the series, so maybe I'll give that a shot.

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Birthright might be a good place to start, but Id go with awakening. its just that awesome by all aspects- story, characters, graphics and length. I own both birthright and awakening, and even though birthright is great I still prefer awakening



If you're looking for a challenge, go for Awakening. If you are looking for a lack of challenge, go for Birthright.

Either way, get one of them as you'll love the series very much.

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I'd recommend Awakening in casual mode to start, I feel it is a bit more user friendly than Fates, and it has a classic mechanic of the series that is not present in Fates - weapon durability. Also, its story is the classic good vs. evil but I feel its more solid than fates.

If you want something harder, try classic mode. Its the one that includes permadeath.

Hope you enjoy any of the three games!

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Awakening is a good starting point because of its gameplay being a bit more simpler than Fates's gameplay.


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Thanks for the responses everyone! I was surprised to see the most preferred version to be Awakening! Unfortunately, I had already ordered Birthright before reading the more recent replies (I was so excited about getting my new 3ds xl, which came in today, that I didn't wait long enough to see more responses and just went with Birthright haha), but with all the praise Awakening gets, I'll probably pick that up down the line too (as well as the Fates DLC). I can't wait to dig into this series, especially to experience the permadeath feature.

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Ya I say Awakening too.

I LOVED Fates- Conquest is miles beyond Birthright in every way (except last few chapters of Burthright which are amazing) but neither gripped me story wise like Awakenig did.

Fates has WAYYYY better maps than Awakening, and the gameplay is- dare I say, finally refined to perfection. But Awakening is the game that converts new players into lifelong fans. The pairing system is a little broken in your favor as well, so it's better to experience that first anyways to better appreciate the refinements and changes made in Fates.

The story in Birthright is pretty dull though, just be warned for when you do eventually play it. The game is brilliant and one of my favorite handheld titles of all time, but ya.

Best to just expect nothing from the story in Birthright and just cruise along and enjoy the maps and gameplay. Then enjoy the incredible last 5 chapters of the story.

Then for Conquest, play on normal difficulty using casual setting. It's absolutely brutal difficulty wise (like, it rivals the old school FE games), but with the modern-age casual setting now an option, it makes it totally doable for the new player.

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I would personally say Awakening, which was my first Fire Emblem. Whilst I am loving Birthright, and I personally think it's better than Awakening in every aspect, it isn't anywhere near as friendly to beginners. Sorry if that sounds patronising, but Awakening explains everything aspect of Fire Emblem's gameplay really well, whereas Fates just throws a lot of it at you. I also personally think it's a harder game than Awakening, although neither are as hard as the majority of Fire Emblem entries. So whilst I think that Fates is a better game, for your first fire emblem, I am certain that awakening is best



I would avoid shadow dragon if you are just starting out. It's definitely the most difficult one you can play on your 3ds

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Awakening as it introduces you to the newer gameplay for fire emblem. Down the road deff get bravely default it was great!

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