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In the left level on the top right on the right side of the screen in Mutant Mudds(yeah, that level, they dont have names, but it's an ice level) have the jump up boost powerup, and go to close to the end of the level, which shouldn't take too long with that level with that powerup, get to the farthest screen from you and get to the place where there are 3 one eyeballed flying Mudds, got to the right until you hit the wall(a few steps) and use the boost to propel yourself upward into that weird ice formation. While in midair and behind that ice formation, go to the right. You will go through the wall and fall. If you go to the left you will hit a platform right next to where you started, except you are in the wall. If you keep to the right or walk right you will keep falling until you hit spikes and die. I found this on YouTube, it's not gonna mess up the game but it's cool to try.

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