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Ok, so I got MSF when it came out, I then downloaded the bonus levels when they came out. I deleted the game or lost it when I switched SD cards but now I can download the original game but not the bonus levels.
Anybody have any ideas?
It seems like the notice that came when they were released was the only way to initiate the download of the bonus levels version of the game and it hasn't re-notified me since I re-downloaded the original game.
As I recall, I had to basically download a full version of the game that included the bonus levels last time, it wasn't just a little add-on.
So why doesn't the one in the eShop just include the bonus levels when you download it now?
I had beaten the original 16 levels before I tried deleting the game in order to re-download it with the bonus levels (after I lost them), but I don't think that you have to have a completed save file in order to download the bonus levels, or do you??
Please give me some advice if you can.

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The new levels should download with the game itself if you're installing it all from scratch. Have you checked that the new levels are missing?
It is possible that they're only unlocked after all the regular levels are beaten - but I dont have the game, so I cant confirm.


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As far as I remember, the new levels were part of an update. So that means any new downloads of MSF should have them.


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You need to do the original levels first. Ive started again a few times so i know.

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Ok, thanks for the replies. I swear I had it on my 3DS with the new levels but now it only ever shows the first 16 levels when I download/re-download it. Maybe my save file didn't have level 16 completed, my brother was the one who was actually playing it at that point because it got really hard towards the end.
So maybe if I play it through again the extra levels will show up? Guess I'll have to try and find out.

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